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HR analytics

HR analytics produces the information needed to support employees day-to-day. What’s often missing is a strategic or forward-looking focus. And more often than not, it works on ‘gut feel’ or unreliable data. Crucial to meaningful HR analytics is data integrity and automated aggregation from multiple sources, from finance and operations to sales and marketing.

HR analytics for more than HR

Accepted wisdom is that HR analytics is all about HR operations. It uses data from your Human Capital Management system to make decisions about onboarding processes, employee engagement, or managing attrition rates. Makes sense, no?

But what if HR was about work and skills forecasting, workforce modeling, and organizational design. In our view, it should be. Why? Because we believe the future of HR is inherently strategic, consultative, and cross-functional.

To begin that journey, HR analytics needs to go from an emphasis on backward-looking metrics to forward-looking, actionable insight that has business impact. It’s no surprise that only 15% of business leaders have changed a decision based on HR data, according to a recent Gartner study. OrgVue changes that.

HR analytics for business impact

HR analytics is much more powerful when workforce data is combined with finance and other business data to provide answers to questions that the business cares most about. Retrospective attrition reports are of little value compared to insight into the impact of leavers on business performance. That would surely grab the board’s attention.

How OrgVue helps

Quickly aggregate and cleanse data

Connect and cleanse workforce data from multiple sources with simple copy-and-paste imports and drag-and-drop updates. Build a reliable data foundation in hours, not weeks.

Orgvue HR Analytics count of records by department and depth

Visualize to analyze

Access a wide range of dynamic charts to visualize data. Reveal hidden truths and unseen patterns. Analyze using any dimension, such as gender, payroll, tenure, engagement, or performance.

Orgvue HR Analytics Icicle Colour by Performance

Model different scenarios

Plan effectively for change by visualizing the impact on organizational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios. Drag-and-drop charts to model and compare future organizational scenarios to stay one step ahead.

OrgVue HR Analytics people scaled by salary and performance

Monitor and collaborate with ease

Review insights with your colleagues and update plans within OrgVue, or share reports by email, PDF, PowerPoint or Excel in a few clicks. Track your progress over time and act on variances quickly.

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