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plan with confidence

In an era of constant change, getting ahead sure beats playing catch up. Be in the know on your workforce – how it’s organized and how it operates – so you can make fearless decisions on how it can adapt and do better in the future.

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the platform

High performing organizations are more adept at adapting in disruptive times. orgvue is a SaaS platform that enables you to confidently analyze, plan, monitor and adapt your organization.

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Understand your entire organization on 1 page


Analyze the entire organization in real-time and make definitive decisions based on the insights.

  • Make fast, data-driven decisions with automated data collection and visualization
  • Cut through dirty, disparate data and stop struggling with static Excel and PowerPoint
  • Connect multiple data sources to give a single view of the entire organization


Plan for different scenarios and model the impact of each to be sure which step to take next.

  • Visualize the organization as an interconnected system and model the impact of any decision across the whole business
  • Designed for the era of constant evolution, continually map change and be ready for anything
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See your as-is and to-be structure side by side
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Track your KPI trends over time


Monitor the organization to spot opportunities and course-correct in-flight initiatives before it’s too late.

  • Track KPIs over time and monitor organizational changes
  • Set targets, monitor actuals and forecast using trends

see your organization clearly

orgvue lenses give a different perspective so you can see and shape your organization with renewed focus. Learn more about the right orgvue package for your business.

the service in SaaS

Expert implementation and advisory services that develop your capability, so you can assuredly lead change, long after our consultants have left.

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orgvue consultancy services do it myself

do it yourself

Get going quickly with standardized implementation and digital learning. Start to analyze, plan and make data-driven changes.

do it together

Work with our player-coach consultants to deliver your program and develop your own capability to lead the way in the future.

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do it for me

Accelerate your transformation through expert consultancy and bespoke analysis of your organizational data, all done for you.

design your business of tomorrow, today

Discover what orgvue can do for your organization first-hand, request your free demo.