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Organizational charts

How long does it take you to design an organizational chart? How long before you need to redraw that chart? Our guess is it can take weeks and the chart is out of date almost as soon as it’s finished. There’s a better way – with OrgVue.

Fast, connected charts for forward-looking

Design charts in hours, not days. Vividly visualize your organizational structure in as much detail as you need with a few clicks. This is how it should be. Need a chart that shows span of control by department, segmented by team and activity? With OrgVue, you can compile the chart in minutes, accompanied by automatic reports that show you the detail in several different ways.

OrgVue also helps you collate and clean your disparate, siloed data, so you can ‘see’ your organization in real-time. No more static org charts. With OrgVue you get dynamic, drag-and-drop visualizations that bring your organization to life for reporting and deeper analysis. And once you’ve mastered this visualization capability, you’re ready to move on to scenario modeling and planning.

See your organization as it really is

Out-of-the-box visualizations

Org charts in a few clicks. Dig into the detail and get multiple views of the organization with easy-to-use filter and paging controls.

OrgVue organizational charts

Create customized charts

Tailor org charts to your needs. Create your own workforce information specifications – by role title, tenure, salary, or diversity.

OrgVue Organizational Chart Scaled by Headcount

Reveal hidden truths

See more than just reporting lines. Turn your org charts into a goldmine of visual information by setting the color, size, and roll-up of any variable.

Orgvue organizational charts Performance Ranking By Department

Model different scenarios

Plan effectively for change by visualizing the impact on organizational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios. Drag-and-drop charts to model and compare future organization scenarios to stay one step ahead.

Orgvue organizational charts starburst by gender

Report with ease

Share org charts easily through seamless integration with email, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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