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OrgVue advisory services

OrgVue enables you to deliver faster, better organizational change. It gives you control of how your workforce is organized and operates, ensuring everyone is aligned to the operating strategy.

To get the very best of everything OrgVue has to offer, we provide comprehensive consultancy services to support you in your organization design mission.

Organization design consultancy

Accelerate and enhance your transformation program through our special blend of expert consultancy, data skills, and technology know-how. Like the best player-coaches, our consultants do more than just deliver the project. We’ll help you build your own data-driven design capability, so you can lead change long after we’ve left the building.

Data-led expertise

Nobody knows your organization better than you do. Draw from your own business data, not generic industry benchmarks, to direct your design decisions. Our advisors bring together knowledge in advanced analytics, functional experience in organization design and sharp business acumen to deliver transformation using your information and insight.

Faster business outcomes

When change is constant, it makes sense to constantly change. Be ready to adapt your operating model to fit with your evolving business needs using our tried and tested design methodology. Analyze your organizational data with our support for faster, more insightful results. This is supercharged organization design backed up by best-in-class technology that enables you to continually transform quickly and accurately with complete confidence.

Sustainable impact

Build a new competency in organizational planning and analysis, and take control of your transformation agenda. Our consultants are committed to passing on their data-driven design knowledge, so you can regularly monitor the ongoing health and design needs of your organization.

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