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OrgVue learning and development

Our experts provide a range of onsite and digital learning including OrgVue, Analytics and Organization Design courses.

OrgVue digital learning

To help you get started with OrgVue in only three weeks, and to help you get the most value from OrgVue as fast as possible, the OrgVue Learning Portal provides access to interactive Digital Learning Units for OrgVue users. Each Learning Unit consists of chapters and the entire program will take around 3 – 4 hours to complete. Users can dip in and out of the learning which is available 24/7. The user’s practical application of the learning content is assessed at the end of each chapter, and on completion of the learning program.  When all stages are completed and the knowledge checks passed, the trainee receives a Digital Credential to confirm that they have passed the learning track.

Customized workshops

OrgVue learning and development services are also available on request. These are workshops which consultants deliver based on individual organizational requirements, including an Organizational Design Workshop.

Organization Design Workshop

Our organization design workshop is a 1 day workshop specifically aimed at HR and organization design practitioners and consultants. Built upon the theories in the book, Data-driven Organization Design, it will help give you the tools and concepts to take data-driven approach to business transformations and organizational effectiveness.

  • An introduction to data-driven organization design
  • Organization design concepts and a framework for understanding the organizational system
  • How to build a baseline set of data
  • How to perform analysis and visualise the organization
  • How to do comprehensive process design
  • Modeling a workforce to meet the needs of the business
  • Analyzing and reporting on business and organizational scenarios

1 – Introduction

  • Data-driven organization design
  • Common challenges in organization design
  • Foundations and core concepts

2 – Macro design

  • Strategy articulation and design criteria
  • Defining where you are going and why
  • The case for change
  • Constraints and risks

3 – Micro (detailed) design

The data goldmine

  • Data blockers and myths
  • Building the baseline – get ready to wrangle
  • Performing analysis – common statistical traps.

Process design

  • Types of process map
  • Understanding the as-is
  • Analysing the as-is
  • Designing the to-be process and structures
  • Linking the to-be work to the to-be positions and hierarchical structure
  • Dynamic process design – non-business as usual.

4 – Making it Real (“MIR”)

  • Common traps
  • Introduction to Making It Real.

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