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People analytics

People analytics is finally coming of age after years in the shadow of its commercial, marketing, and finance peers. Often interchangeably referred to as people, workforce, or talent analytics – call it what you like – it’s all valuable insights into your most valued asset – your employees.

So, what is people analytics? 

People analytics is the practice of extracting information from data on your employees to solve business problems. It uses both people data and business data to provide enriched insights into the workforce, how it operates, how much it costs, and how it changes over time.

Too often though, organizations spend an inordinate amount of time battling with data quality and struggling to conduct analytics using their HCM system, which provides little insight because it doesn’t have all the data sources needed. Consequently, the business produces analytics for HR, rather people analytics for the organization overall, which delivers strategic impact. OrgVue changes that.

People analytics self assessment

Getting people analytics right can be tricky. Our people analytics self assessment lets you compare your company’s capability against industry benchmarks, so you can see what more needs to be done to build a world-class discipline in understanding your workforce.

Taking it to the next level

OrgVue quickly aggregates and cleanses data from multiple sources, freeing up time to analyze data and answer questions for the business. It can quickly produce workforce insights against any dimension, such as gender pay gap, headcount costs by team, function or business unit, or organizational analysis.

Taking it to the next level, it enables you to combine your people and other business data to scenario plan different operating models as the business strategy demands. This is building a dynamic capability that enables organizations to respond to change based on data.

Introducing OP&A

Managing constant disruption demands new skills within organizations to analyze and model change. This new way of working is the first step on a journey to a forward-looking discipline called Organizational Planning and Analysis (OP&A).

OP&A is the strategic capability of HR to anticipate market developments and prepare the organization for the future. It operates hand-in-hand with Financial Planning and Analysis to forecast, budget, and plan the workforce of tomorrow.

How OrgVue helps

Quickly build a reliable data foundation

Connect and cleanse workforce data from multiple sources with simple copy-and-paste imports and drag-and-drop updates. Build a reliable data foundation in hours, not weeks.

OrgVue people analytics performance ranking by role

Visualize to analyze and reveal hidden truths

Access a wide range of dynamic charts to visualize data and reveal unseen patterns and trends. Analyze using any dimension, such as gender, payroll, tenure, engagement, or performance for data-driven decision-making.

Orgvue people analytics Icicle Colour by Grade

Model different scenarios

Plan effectively for change by easily creating clones and visualizing the impact on organizational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios.

OrgVue people analytics Performance Balloon

Monitor and collaborate with ease

Review insights with your colleagues and update plans within OrgVue, or share reports by email, PDF, PowerPoint or Excel in a few clicks. Track your progress over time and act on variances quickly.

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