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Elevating HRs role in the business as transformation leaders: from intent to action

Published by orgvue

HR must evolve from being reactive to becoming active business influencers

There has been a clear elevation of HR’s role in strategic business concerns over the past decade. Increasingly, HR’s role is not to do HR ‘stuff’, but to build the capability of an organisation to deliver its strategy and create sustainable value for its stakeholders (Nick Holley, Director of CRF).

But how can HR become business transformation leaders while still addressing day to day operation requirements? This infographic looks at the key steps from intent to action. (Figure 1 – click to zoom in).

Infographic: key steps to elevate HR role in the business as transformation leaders from intent to action

Figure 1. Key steps to elevate HR role in the business as transformation leaders.

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This blog has been co-authored with Julian Holmes

Image credit: Jakub Szepietowski
Editor: Melissa Adjiputro

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