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release notes: orgvue 2.12

Published by orgvue

There has been an explosion recently in the number of conversations surrounding “big data”; what it is, how it can be used, why it is useful. As we have highlighted in previous blogs, big data and HR data are two different animals. However, we recognise that they both hold a similar allure as hidden gems, ready to be mined for organisations as an edge to be gained. There is a demand within companies for demonstrable processes which move from raw data to insight to delivery with speed and ease.

With this in mind, the releases for OrgVue version 2.12 focus on improved performance. Org charts draw much faster, and user control has been enhanced to allow greater customisation and configuration around how you present your organisation, and data.

Greater interaction and control with org charts

OrgVue now provides the ability to edit your data from within an org chart, saving time and allowing instant, ad hoc data changes. Double click on any text in the summary cards to bring up the property edit dialog box and make any changes needed.

Summary cards can also be coloured on several levels; by dimension, and measures. This allows you to cut through large amounts of information with instant insight into performance and attributes.

Summary Cards coloured by performance ranking by rag status and by department:
Summary Cards

Reporting output to high quality PDFs with unlimited zoom ability

Reporting has much improved quality both in print and on screen. Our new PDFs ensure that zooming in on large scale images results in no pixilation. Great for viewing a whole organisation on one page!

Customise the way you see your organisation and your people

New icon cards give the ability to upload photos, symbols or graphics so you can choose how to represent the people in your organisation.

icon cards

Understand the balance of your organisation

Scaled cards now allow you to Control the magnitude of scaling including an option to invert the scale.


scaled cards

Numbers the way you want them

Numbers are now configurable, with the property editor allowing you an option to customise how you see numbers. For example, you can choose how many decimal places you want your numbers to go to, and if  you want a point or a comma in between the numbers.

numbers edit

See all your information in one go

Text cards are able to be customised allowing for large volumes of text. You can now create the space you need for long lists of objectives or to do lists.

text cards

We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we are. If you have any feedback or recommendations please get in touch.