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release notes: orgvue 2.14

Published by orgvue

We are delighted to announce the release of OrgVue 2.14. The new release offers an enhanced user experience with OrgVue PowerPoint exports, and increased OrgVue performance when calculating property expressions.

OrgVue PowerPoint Exports

OrgVue exports to PowerPoint are now ‘native PowerPoint shapes’. This makes customising OrgVue images in PowerPoint easy and flexible. This feature is great for ad hoc changes to reports so you can present and discuss reports the way you want.

OrgVue ppt exports 2

Property Expressions

Property expressions can now be customised, greatly increasing the speed at which OrgVue processes large datasets.

Expression setting in edit property

OrgVue offers five property settings; auto, none, node, hierarchical, and script. They can be applied in new datasets, or can be changed retrospectively in existing datasets. Utilising these settings has seen time to load datasets reduced from 18 seconds to 4 seconds in initial tests. This new functionality is particularly useful for advanced users.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us at for a full copy of the release notes.