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release notes: orgvue 2.22

Published by orgvue

We are delighted to announce the general release of OrgVue 2.22 on May 17th, 2016. Having been in active use by a number of customers since the start of the year it has gone through a number of iterations following customer feedback. Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us continuously improve OrgVue.

Version 2.22 is backwards compatible with 2.20. The previous 2.20 version will still be available for access for a further 4 weeks should any user require access to this environment.

These release notes will give you a summary of the new features that will enhance your experience, performance, and analytical insights when using OrgVue 2.22:

In addition to the features above, we have developed a range of enhancements across the platform that will save users a lot of time and effort. From using icons for datalookups to usability enhancements when adding and cloning nodes in Tree View, the 2.22 release is set to make your analysis more powerful and hassle-free. If you want to read the full release notes of OrgVue 2.22, please explore our knowledge base here.