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release notes: orgvue 2.6

Published by orgvue

1. Release Notes Summary

OrgVue version v2.6 was released into demo on 18th July 2013 and into live a week later. This is a summary of the main improvements that it offers.

What’s new in this release:

Item Change Impact
Greatly increased speed in OrgVue chartsFrom 10 seconds to re-calculate and display to less than 1 second to re-calculate and displayExploring the data through analytical charts becomes much more intuitive
Webforms for capturing dataUsers can now enter data in webformsSimpler data entry, which can be focused on particular nodes and particular fields of data
Simple survey creationUsers can create surveys with simple formsEasier to setup surveys to collect data
Drag and drop on sunbursts and Icicle chartsNodes on sunbursts and icicles can now be viewed in detail, selected, dragged and droppedUsers can re-organise their hierarchical data through the sunburst or icicle if needed
Simple and fast pivot tables for interacting with dataPivot tables can now handle the entire dataset and visualise it meaningfullyThe best way to cleanse data… ever!
Dashboards showing data from multiple sourcesDashboards can integrate multiple datasets and display the information for usersThe organisation can request a custom-defined dashboard and that can be drilled down through any level defined in the data
Diversity dashboardNew standard dashboardEasy view of key metrics of diversity – by gender, ethnicity, age, etc
PowerPoint exporting (experimental version)New functionality to export to PowerPointAbility to generate PowerPoint outputs much quicker than previously
More power, less weight…Increased functionality using less computer memoryFaster analytics, faster reporting


2. New and Better Functionality

2.1. Greatly increased speed in OrgVue charts

OrgVue now redraws charts as fast as – or faster than – you can select, which is astonishing and exhilarating to use. You explore the data and find out what it can tell you. The new chart view also offers shared axes and better labelling of data. For users who want to access the underlying numbers, chart data can now be copied out from the chart configuration panel, on the right hand side.

OrgVue - Average Absence by Department split by fully Loaded Salary

2.2. Webforms to capture data

Version 2.6 offers webforms. Webforms permit simple and easy data collection, as they allow the administrators to focus users on entering exactly the data that is required for a particular purpose.

Webforms differ from surveys because they are only available to users with access rights. Their power is that they offer greater flexibility as users (for example, a manager) can fill in data about several of their allocated people at once.

OrgVue - Webforms

2.3. Easy surveys

In v2.6, survey creation is now made easier by simple set-up screens. First, as in previous versions, you use the Property Pane to define the questions to include on the survey and how they will appear:

OrgVue - Easy surveys

Then you create a survey by clicking on the menu bar.

OrgVue - Create a survey

You set the survey properties.

OrgVue - Survey properties

And hit send.

OrgVue - Send surveys
OrgVue - Survey property

The survey can be sent with a unique link for each recipient, or as a common link that all recipients receive. The survey email and survey messages are editable, and can be formatted with rich text.

2.4. Drag and drop in new Sunburst and Icicle views

The new Sunburst and Icicle views support drag and drop and offer ‘cardtips’ when users hover over any particular node. Users can interact with the data in a sunburst diagram, re-ordering nodes, re-parenting and changing their levels if need be.

OrgVue - Drag and drop in new Sunburst and Icicle views

2.5. Pivot tables

The Pivot tables can now handle very large datasets and are much faster than before. They give an intuitive sense of the data. Users can drag and drop whole groups of nodes within a pivot table to clean up messy data. Bar charts and pivots can now be exported to high resolution PDFs.

OrgVue - Pivot Tables

2.6. Dashboards showing data from multiple sources

OrgVue can now bring together data from multiple datasets into one dashboard. It can also process large quantities of data on the server before bringing it to the desktop. This means that business users can specify exactly the dashboard that they would like to see – for hundreds of thousands of people if needed. Users can then make their perfect dashboard available to teams, departments, sites, functions, countries, or the whole organisation, if they want to.

OrgVue - Dashboards showing data from multiple sources

2.7. Diversity dashboard

A new dashboard out of the box with OrgVue v2.6: can focus on ethnic diversity, age diversity, gender diversity etc. Example:

OrgVue - Diversity dashboard

2.8. PowerPoint exports – experimental version

V2.6 contains a purely experimental release of PowerPoint exporting. This innovation has been brought forward at client request. The development team emphasise that this is not yet fully functional but it offers an exciting step towards simplifying the process of creating PowerPoint slides from OrgVue outputs.

OrgVue - PowerPoint exports

2.9. More power, less weight

A reduction in the OrgVue package size – this release is lighter and leaner, reducing the memory footprint despite the increased power and speed of the system.

3. Queries and Feedback

We hope you’ve found these release notes useful. We value your feedback as it helps us shape OrgVue to your needs as well as produce more useful release notes and other training materials. If you have specific requests, comments or queries, please get in touch with your OrgVue contact.

We plan to feed the most popular requests into the next edition of our user guides along with any interesting examples that you’d like to share with other users. You can find further information about OrgVue at our website, including our training materials and how-to videos.