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introducing Orgvue

This is fearless performance design. This is Orgvue.

Published by Orgvue 

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Workforce analysis and modeling for HR and Finance. When change is constant, constantly change. Whether you are seeking cost reduction or to improve managing your organizational compliance and risk, Orgvue will help you from people analytics and workforce planning to organizational restructures and post-merger integrations, deliver change faster, fairly, with lower risk and lower cost. See how Orgvue can help you:

  • Data driven – Integrate and clean data from multiple sources
  • Analyze your organization using dynamic visuals
  • Model future scenarios to design and plan the work and workforce
  • Continually map change and be ready for anything to improve the organization to deliver business strategy
  • Fast, data-driven decisions with automated data collection, visualization and organization modeling.
  • Connect people to roles, competencies, activities and business objectives. Any level of detail in real-time.

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