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Tracking and monitoring for a global manufacturing company

This global manufacturing company had a high profile announcement which meant their program was under the microscope in the public eye. They needed to be able to confidently track and show progress against the targets they had publicly promised.

Customer story

Using Orgvue to see cost reduction progress over time


Cost savings

Tracked in real-time in Orgvue


Business partners

Collaborating globally through Orgvue



Managed in one view of the global program

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We needed a system to show how 150 HR business partners in 30+ countries were tracking against the targets in their areas.

Business goal

  • $300m cost reduction through global workforce restructure​
  • Track benefit realization of synergies and workforce plan in real time​
  • Enable visibility and transparency for governance and control​
  • Enable HR and Finance dialogue in a common language and drive future collaboration​


  • They used Orgvue to leverage a workforce plan they had built in the proceeding months ​
  • They replaced their regional Excel based monitoring with a global view and visually engaging reports​
  • Orgvue allowed them to monitor the plan centrally against one data set with global accessibility and regional views​
  • They continuously showed and reported on progress against targets, and gaps in performance

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