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Fearless tracking and monitoring for a global manufacturing company

An Orgvue customer success story

Published by Orgvue 

Seeing cost reduction progress over time

This global manufacturing company had a high profile announcement which meant their program was under the microscope in the public eye. They needed to be able to confidently track and show progress against the targets they had publicly promised.

Business objectives

“We needed a system to show how 150 HR business partners in 30+ countries were tracking against the targets in their areas.”

Orgvue solution

Orgvue allowed this global manufacturing company to give their central team real clarity over what progress the various regional teams were making against the workforce plan day by day. Our insight enabled them to spot trends, react quickly and take corrective action when local teams were off-track. This was key to achieving the goals announced to the public.

How Orgvue works to deliver value

After design is complete, Orgvue is used to track talent changes as well as monitor trends over time. For this manufacturing company this became an ongoing continuous approach to organizational design and planning.


Import data at scale, cleanse it to set a defined baseline and reveal the connections between strategy, the work and the people across the organization with clarity, map talent to positions based on the criteria established by the team.

Visualize layers of your organization and understand if you are aligned to your org design principles


Visualize and track exceptions, selections and talent impact, model the future and see the impacts immediately, design the organization with confidence.

Create designs of what your organization could and should look to achieve desired targets


Track synergies and talent decisions in one location, how to fulfil and execute, engage the business in how the plan will be implemented to realize the value.

Continuously plan and redesign your organization to meet headcount and financial goals


Monitor and track impact of decisions over time against target headcount, costs and other decision criteria, against the plan, spot opportunities and course-correct initiatives in-flight as circumstances change​.

Monitor headcount to understand changes over time and course correct in real-time

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