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Mapping the energy ecosystem of Zuid-Holland

“This research has given a first overview on the quantities and qualities of the Energy Innovation Ecosystem within this region.” n The Energy Innovation Board, Zuid-Holland

A data-driven analytics approach to understand the energy innovation ecosystem

Energy transition to a sustainable, low carbon future is one of the great challenges of our time. With no historical precedents, transition requires modelling future scenarios, and assessing the risks and outcomes across socio-economic, political, and technological spectrum.

This study explores the idea that effective energy innovation requires an ecosystem of organizations and asks does the energy innovation ecosystem of Zuid-Holland, the second largest province of The Netherlands, have what it takes to realise energy innovation?

This robust 46 page research report conducted by Concentra gives a unique overview of the activities being performed within the energy innovation ecosystem of Zuid-Holland. Working with the Energy Innovation Board, Concentra used a data-driven analytics approach to understand the innovation ecosystem in unprecedented and highly visual detail. This report gives insights into the network of over 100 executives from 80 organizations and maps out the activities of over 4,300 FTE (full-time equivalent employees), the different fields or stages of innovation, the key drivers and challenges, and opportunities improve the effectiveness of the ecosystem as a whole.

This report gives analytical insights into the Energy Innovation Ecosystem of Zuid-Holland, highlighting the network of organizations, key drivers & challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

Download the report now.