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Enduring change: effective organizational transformation in a rapidly moving landscape

Join us on Tuesday 27th July – 11am ET | 4pm BST

Published by orgvue 

Change management, future of work and organizational design all top this year’s Gartner HR research as the world bounces back from the pandemic.

Join us at our 40 minute webinar and discover how you can use data to unlock organizational agility and manage change.

As an attendee, you’ll discover:

  • How workforce decision-making has evolved since the pandemic
  • How time-to-decision is a key organizational metric for businesses now (and how those that get it right see 16% more profit per year)
  • How to leverage data to engage executives and drive change in your organization

Take away key learnings and help lead your organization towards adaptation and agility.

The webinar topics for discussion include:

  • How the pressure to make the right decisions for your organization and its workforce is now higher than ever
  • Where to start when building your business case
  • Finding that quick win by looking at your data

I hope to see you there!

Ken Ferguson
Chief Revenue Officer, orgvue

Ken Ferguson, CRO, orgvue

Ken has spent 20 years in the enterprise SaaS software market building high-performing teams. He is the chief revenue officer at orgvue, responsible for the global field sales, marketing partnerships, customer success and the revenue operations teams. Prior to joining orgvue, Ken lead the global sales organization as Visier and at Workday. Outside of work, Ken is an accomplished musician (and he may take song requests after the webinar).

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