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Future of work & hybrid working

As the nature of work changes, businesses are having to reassess and reimagine their workforce. Orgvue lets you reshape your organization in the face of macro-economic changes and technological advancement. Only by understanding your workforce and the work people do can you begin to model a different future for your business.

Hybrid working

How do you get the right people, doing the right work, at the right time, no matter where they’re located? At its core, hybrid working needs to be about business performance rooted in operational excellence.

Create a holistic future work model in 5 steps

Create a holistic future work model by driving data driven analysis of skills and activity, so you can reimagine workforce planning, access talent and optimize the way work is done in your business. You can also improve motivation and productivity by aligning the work with people’s preferences and understand where work can be re-allocated on the back of both preferences and the needs of the business.

Despite the standard use of org charts and other schematics, many organizations struggle to get a clear picture of their employees, the work they do and how that work supports their business strategy. Here we outline a five-step workflow you can use to reimagine how the work gets done in the context of a hybrid workforce:

  • Step 1 – Start by understanding your goals
  • Step 2 – Be clear about your current state
  • Step 3 – get the data on what people do
  • Step 4 – analyze and design
  • Step 5 – profile roles and people

Does our hybrid strategy deliver overall business goals?

Move beyond blanket “3 days in the office” policies to evaluate how a hybrid model delivers business strategy at an organizational and individual level.

Screenshot of Orgvue showing modeling with hybrid-working dependencies
Screenshot of Orgvue showing location and equipment dependencies of different activities

How hybrid-ready are roles and their work activities?

Break roles down into their constituent objectives, activities and skills and assess what needs collaboration, what is location dependent and what can be done independently.

Are roles aligned with employee preferences?

Align employees’ wishes with what the business needs them to do. Model new solutions where currently there is misalignment, especially for critical talent.

Screenshot of Orgvue showing aligned and misaligned roles

“Most people have been working virtually for less than a year. While that amount of time seems substantial, it is unlikely that employers have discovered the full range of opportunities that virtual work provides during that period..”

Gerald C. Kane, Rich Nanda and Anh Phillips, MIT Sloan Management Review

Hybrid working resources

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design your business of tomorrow, today

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