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Gender pay gap

Businesses owe it to themselves and their people to do more than just report on their gender pay gap – they must do something about it

Modeling diversity for a more productive workforce

Gender pay gap legislation is a reminder that you should be modeling the best, most productive workforce possible. But unless you run deeper analysis – which you can’t do on a spreadsheet – you won’t have a clear view of the conditions affecting diversity in your organization.

Many companies see gender pay gap as a ‘checkbox compliance’ exercise, but this overlooks the proven gains in productivity and attractiveness to talent. Gender pay gap is not about reporting – it’s about business risk and profitability. 

Uncovering the causes of pay disparity

Three criteria that can uncover the causes of a gender pay gap in your organization are ‘job grade’ or level of seniority, department – engineering typically has very few women, for example – and location.

Using specialist software like Orgvue can help you analyze the gender profile of your organization by visualizing data in detail, so you can target the causes more precisely.

Orgvue makes reporting on gender pay gap fast and reliable

step 1

load your data

Standard data schema for gender pay gap reporting minimizes data collection and makes data loading fast.

step 2

report & visualize

Prepared reports and visualizations provide an immediate organizational view ready for regulatory reporting. Analytics options allow you to further interrogate results.

step 3

model scenarios

More advanced Orgvue functionality enables scenario modeling, so you can plan and assess the future of the organization.

Currently, gender pay gap is owned by HR in most organizations because it’s seen as a people and compliance issue. But shared responsibility with Finance is a much better formula for a successful diversity strategy.

Shared data underlies better modeling to build a blueprint for a diverse and inclusive workplace that welcomes people of every description.

Gender pay gap ebook

Mind the pay gap: designing a diverse workforce. Find out why every 10% improvement in gender diversity brings a 4% increase in profits.