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See your organization clearly through different lenses

See your organization clearly

Orgvue lenses give a different perspective so you can see and shape your organization with renewed focus. Choose from three packages: Spectrum, Positions and roles, and People.

Petal, Plant, Flower

Positions & roles

Understand your organization’s costs. Manage the gap in demand and supply for roles and positions. Includes features linking positions & roles to people to align resources to your organization’s needs.


Clean your people data. Visualize and analyze your organizational structure. Share reporting packs with stakeholders and edit in PowerPoint. Includes features with a focus on improving your people data and visualization capability.

Compare packages

SpectrumPositions & rolesPeople
Connect data sets
Connect your finance and analytics data with the HR data
People, position and role dataPeople data only
Drag-and-drop data cleanse
Rapidly clean and edit your data by dragging and dropping records onto new values
Automated data refresh
Refresh your data via automated transfer to Orgvue via SFTP
Share data views
Collaborate with your colleagues securely by sharing the specific data you want them to see
Share modeled drafts
Collaborate with your colleagues securely by sharing alternative to-be scenarios
Crowd-source data updates
Simplified data collection and cleaning via a shareable online form
Individual or team-based activity & process surveys
Understand what work your people are doing via an individualized survey
Available as add on
Competency surveys
Ask your people to self assess their competencies
Available as add on
Visualize and report
Tell stories via pre-built packs
Create analysis packs of dynamic slides which you can share with colleagues both in Orgvue and via PowerPoint
Choice of visualizations
Visualize your entire organization using a variety of customizable reports from dynamic and visually engaging trees to sophisticated pivot tables
Custom color palettes
Create your own color palettes in Orgvue so your packs and slides fit your brand
Pre-configured packs
Workforce size, composition & cost
Quickly identify how much your organization costs, what your talent profile is and where your people are in your organization
Spans & layers
Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization structure by understanding span of control and the number of organization layers in each part of your organization
Gender diversity
Simple vizualizations to better understand your gender diversity breakdown and resolve the balance if needed. Set goals and track changes over time
Activity & process analysis
Gain an in-depth understanding of the work being performed in the organization by viewing the time being spent on activities in the business, identifying areas of opportunity, and gaining detailed insights about how the organization works
Available as add on

Coming soon

Competency analysis
Identify the core competencies in your organization, gain an in-depth understanding of individuals’ skills, spot capability gaps and take action
Available as an add on – coming soon
Create different scenarios
Create alternative versions of your organizations and combine them into a final version
Identify the impact
Identify the impact of any changes on your as-is data and organization
Monitor actuals over time
Look at how your people data has changed over time
Available as add onAvailable as add on
Monitor targets over time
Look at how your organization data has changed over time, how this has differed from your targets and where you will probably get to
Available as add on
Single sign-on
Single sign on using SAML 2
Role-based access control
Define security rules according to role groups
Attribute-based access control
Define security rules accounting to the attributes of users and the data

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