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people analytics

people analytics has finally come of age, providing valuable insights into your most valued asset – your employees

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taking people analytics to the next level 

orgvue helps you quickly cleanse and synthesize information from multiple sources, freeing up time to analyze data and answer questions for the business. It can produce workforce insights for a range of criteria, such as headcount costs by team, function or business unit.

Taking it to the next level, orgvue enables you to combine your people and other business data to scenario plan different operating models as the business strategy demands. This puts you in a position to respond to market changes based on data, not guesswork

introducing OP&A

Managing constant disruption demands new skills within the organization to analyze and model change in a flexible, iterative way. This new approach to navigating the unknown is the first step on a journey to a forward-looking discipline called organizational planning and analysis (OP&A).

OP&A is the strategic business capability to anticipate market developments and prepare the organization for the future. It brings together HR and Finance to build a cohesive workforce plan and manage organizational health overall.

perfect people planning

Build a world-class discipline in understanding your workforce. Assess your current capability compared to industry benchmarks and get a personalized report on what steps to take next.

how orgvue helps

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Understand your entire organization on 1 page


Analyze the entire organization in real-time and make definitive decisions based on the insights.

  • Make fast, data-driven decisions with automated data collection and visualization
  • Cut through dirty, disparate data and stop struggling with static Excel and PowerPoint
  • Connect multiple data sources to give a single view of the entire organization

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