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workforce optimization

precision performance design

Getting the right people in the right place doing the right work is the epitome of efficiency and productivity. However, for big businesses, bloating and disorganization are more likely to be the norm – it’s become an accepted inevitability over time.

Fear not, this can be brought under leadership teams’ control. Workforce optimization needs to be administered surgically and more frequently, so the organization becomes agile, lean and fit for purpose. Downsizing needs to be considered carefully in order to cut cost, not value. This is precision performance design by Orgvue – based on data and modeling, so that every decision is made with total confidence.

“Without Orgvue, we would have not achieved our cost saving target”

sustainable cost control

In this ebook, read 3 customer case studies from retail, FMCG and finance that showcases:

  • Achieving $50 million in cost savings
  • Enhancing data quality from 60% to 95%
  • Reviewing work worth $5 billion
  • Consolidating data for 250,000 employees in weeks

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case study orgvue case study: global logistics
Optimizing organizational structure for a global logistics provider to transition to a more agile, transparent, and cost-effective organization. 40 Forty country offices’ standard set of reports were produced in less than 1 hour. 6 Six days only to load, cleanse, visualize and report on data throughout the organization. $15m $15 million predicted total cost saving. […]
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