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Agile team design

Defining what your future organization will look like

Achieve a successful transition

The increasing need for businesses to constantly adapt to new market conditions means more leaders are opting to move towards an agile organizational structure. Their objective? To become more customer-centric, implement faster learning and decision cycles, and build a network of empowered teams motivated by a common purpose. 

To achieve a successful transition, it’s crucial for them to go through the process of thoroughly defining the value streams that create different experiences, so they can confidently build their organizational model and set the foundation for how agile teams will operate on a day-to-day basis. 

How Orgvue helps

Orgvue is a purpose-built platform that enables you to create roles, assign full-time-equivalent or track costs, so you can visualize and manage cross-functional teams at scale. It allows you to design a robust operating model, before you move onto the talent allocation and capacity management phase.  

Answer questions such as: 

  • Which value streams create experience? 
  • How are we thinking about organizing these teams?
  • What roles do we need in our structure? How do we get it right? 
  • How many FTEs should be assigned to every role?

Benefits of Orgvue for agile organizations

Orgvue enables a holistic transformation of key business areas and functions in your organization.

This part of the process involves building the structure, without necessarily focusing on talent allocation or capacity management (yet). It’s about creating a single source of trusted data in Orgvue, defining the right value streams, and building delivery into these value streams.


Making use of Orgvue’s expertize and best practice


How Orgvue can help you establish your groundwork and define your team structure.

  • Define the value streams (for example customer journeys) that will form your agile teams
  • Define the families forming these value stream, and set up the teams and roles needed under each family
  • Visualize your overall agile architecture in Orgvue


Screenshot from Orgvue showing the creation of the agile team structures
Screenshot from Orgvue showing the FTE plan for each role based on the customer journey

Plan demand for each role, including full-time-equivalent and headcount targets

  • Use data to plan full-time-equivalent needed for each role
  • Visualize and understand the full-time-equivalent and headcount needed for each of your value streams

Customer story

Using orgvue to track against targets and see cost reduction over time ​

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We needed a system to show how our 150 HR business partners in 30+ countries were doing against the targets in their areas.

CFO, Leading global manufacturer

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Business goals

  • Reduce costs by $300m through global workforce restructure 
  • Track the benefit of synergies and talent decisions in real time 
  • Enable visibility and transparency of governance and control 
  • Enable HR and Finance to speak a common language that will drive future collaboration 


  • Made use of the workforce plan built in previous months  
  • Replaced regional Excel-based monitoring with a global view and visually engaging reports 
  • Monitored plans centrally against one dataset with global accessibility and regional views 
  • Tracked and monitored the organizational system to show progress against targets and gaps in performance 

Solution brief: agile organizations

Learn how Orgvue can help you with successfully building, running and sustaining agile structures.

Download the Orgvue agile organizations solution brief to find out how Orgvue can help you to successfully build, run and sustain agile structures and learn more about:

  • Common challenges to overcome when creating agile structures
  • 3 steps that will enable you to successfully design, build and run agile structures
  • A SaaS platform that changes everything
  • A customer case study

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