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Data harmonization

By moving data onto a single platform, it’s easier to remove inconsistencies and map it to a baseline to develop future plans.

Harmonizing your workforce data

One of the reasons many businesses struggle with organization design in a merger or transformation is a misdirected approach to workforce data. Data harmonization is the process of bringing together workforce data from different systems (such as HCM and D&I) or organizations, when going through an organization restructure or post-merger integration. By moving data onto a single platform, it’s easier to remove inconsistencies and map it to a baseline to develop future plans. 

Organizational data is constantly changing. In large organizations, the accumulation of processes, systems, teams and different ways of working makes maintaining data integrity an almost impossible task.

How you view your data directly impacts the decisions you can make on designing your future organization and the direction your business will take. So, how do you make sure you have the right processes in place to bring workforce, organizational and business data together and create greater transparency that enables the right conversations? 

How Orgvue helps

Orgvue allows you to quickly integrate your data and create a secure space for analysis to collaborate on and develop plans. It’s built for you to bring your data together and harmonize it, from different systems or organizations (M&A), into a single source of truth. It enables you to identify inconsistencies and streamline global data in one platform.

Harmonizing your data

Orgvue enables you to create the structure and foundation for analysis and actions you might want to take.

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Import data, clean it, and baseline it

  • Merge data at scale across platforms, organizations and markets
  • Set a baseline and create a single source of truth
  • Connect your business strategy to the work and your people to encourage the right conversations
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Model your future organization with confidence

  • Use baseline data to model your future organization in a controlled environment
  • Orgvue’s pre-built visuals and drag-and-drop functionality allow you to safely and swiftly design possible outcomes
  • Instantly see the impact of your decisions in real-time
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Adopt a data-driven approach to planning the future

  • Take a data-driven approach to mapping talent to your structure 
  • Use criteria such as skills, availability, grade, performance and preferences to build talent pools and confirm candidates 
  • See the high-level impact of your decisions on your design principles, including diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity and culture.
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Track and monitor progress against the plan

  • Track progress against targets to ensure you reach your objectives
  • Spot opportunities to enhance your plan, improve your implementation and course-correct initiatives as needed

Clean, prepare and harmonize your data


Clean and prepare your data

Use Orgvue to bring your workforce data together from systems such as payroll, HCM, skills or diversity information and automate it as needed.  

You can realign inconsistencies as you notice things, such as duplicated labels or missing information, which often happens when data is brought together from different sources or organizations. Use Orgvue’s drag-and-drop simplicity to merge data types with different labels like gender, region and job title, and remove inconsistencies to create one version of the truth. 

Identifying inconsistencies in the reporting lines using Orgvue (two roles reporting to the Personal Assistant instead of the CEO). Solve this by selecting the positions, then dragging and dropping them onto the CEO role. 

Visualizing two organizations side-by-side in Orgvue.


Map your data, establish like-for-like comparison and start mitigating risk

Instantly draw insights using Orgvue’s pre-built visuals. In the case of a merger, visualize the two organizations side-by-side, compare things such as job grades and compensation, and understand which teams are impacted by your decisions. 

World-class security and data privacy

Orgvue is compliant with local data protection regulations and is built with standardized security and data provisions, as well as defined service levels for all customers.  

Orgvue has no access to customer data. Our customers are exclusively responsible for managing access control to their Orgvue environment. Orgvue enables access control at many levels, with support for both Role and Attribute-Based Access Control as well as Single Sign On with multi-factor authentication. 

  • GDPR compliant 
  • SDLC incorporating secure coding practices 
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Service (high security) 
  • Encrypted data at rest and in transit to AES256 (GCM) 
  • ISO accredited 
  • Cloud Security Alliance accredited 
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Solution brief

Data management

Learn how to merge, align and validate your data.

Find out how Orgvue can help:

  • Have a single source of consolidated and aligned data
  • Choose from a pre-built set of slides to tell your story
  • Personalize your visuals to your brand colors
  • Deep dive into different areas of your business using powerful visuals
  • Share your visuals and findings with stakeholders

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