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mergers & acquisitions

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manage magnificent mergers

The difference between the mergers that deliver their promised value and those that don’t is typically in the workforce integration. It is chaotic, political and, at its worst, unfair. So, how can you realize your vision for the organization in the post-merger reality?

Good practice is to make workforce integration a forethought, not an afterthought. By starting at the beginning and carrying through: from assessing the workforce during due diligence to tracking post-merger synergies. By using orgvue, there’s less jeopardy, more certainty, right when the stakes are highest. That’s how to deliver a magnificent merger.

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“There are lower risks and lower costs than what we were using before; the internal effort would have been more if we didn’t have orgvue.”

Group HR & Finance Systems and Change Director, Aviva

modeling for mergers

Discover 3 client case studies that showcase:

  • Successful integration of 8,500 employees just one month
    after announcing the merger
  • Modeling the job roles and organizational structure to deliver the merger plan
  • Significant cost savings through job and location synergies
  • Time saved in the merger process from 36 months to 18 months

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