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Orgvue Success Packages

Providing our customers with advanced technical and process guidance, on a continuous basis

Elevate your Orgvue experience with Success Packages 

Success Packages are the next level of support designed to empower your organization through continuous growth and success. Working in parallel with our customer success team, these packages are tailored to provide ongoing technical and process support, ensuring your Orgvue journey is both seamless and impactful.

What are Orgvue Success Packages?

Orgvue Success Packages do not replace your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), who will always be your day-to-day first point of contact.

They deliver advanced technical and process guidance on a continuous basis, often agnostic of specific projects. These packages are crafted to enhance your Orgvue experience through a range of services, including:

Enhanced Technical Services
  • AdministrationManage users and user groups, update solution and dataset configuration, manage and audit tenant content, performance tuning, refresh data.
  • Additional training sessionsEnd user training on configured Orgvue solutions, fundamentals training, admin training.
  • Content creation Accelerate initiatives, analysis pack built, additional custom calculations, tailoring of existing solutions. 
Ongoing Support Elements
  • Technical support deskA dedicated support hub for addressing technical queries and challenges.
  • Orgvue learning contentAccess to a wealth of learning resources to empower your team.
  • Orgvue community eventsEngage with the Orgvue community through regular events and networking opportunities.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins and coachingTo ensure your Center of Excellence (COE) is thriving.
  • Product release supportStay up to date with the latest Orgvue features and enhancements.

How it works as part of our other professional services offerings

Working hand-in-hand with your Customer Success Manager
  • Orgvue Success Packages work hand-in-hand with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. The two work together to ensure a comprehensive, tailored and advanced approach to your organization’s needs.
Can it be used with Orgvue Expert Services?
  • Depending on your business needs, Orgvue Success Packages may be used in parallel with our Expert Services, especially when dealing with specific projects requiring advanced, project-based support.

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