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Skills gap and competency analysis

Adopt a strategic approach to your workforce’s skills and competencies.

Understand the skills you have, the ones you need and the gap between the two

As businesses think about strategically planning the future, making sure they have the right skills and competencies to achieve their goals is of the highest importance.

Having a clear understanding of workforce competencies has proven to give leaders a strong foundation for strategic decision-making, which ultimately delivers greater value to customers.

So, in today’s constantly changing business environment, how can you make sure you have the right processes in place to confidently manage your workforce’s competencies while keeping up with market trends?

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59% of HR leaders are making building critical skills and competencies their top priority

This is not without some challenges. According to Gartner the main challenges are:

  • Building skills and competency development solutions fast enough to meet evolving skill needs
  • An increase in the skills needed for job roles: 63% increase in skills required for a job in IT, finance, or sales since 2018
  • Difficulty in building and implementing a skills taxonomy for the future

Analyzing competencies in your organization means understanding the skills, behaviors and other abilities your workforce has today, the ones you need to achieve your business strategy and the gap between the two, so you can inform your people strategy and manage risk.

Benefits of Orgvue for skills and competency analysis

Orgvue is a purpose-built platform that allows you to use your skills and competencies data to strategically plan for the future. It adapts to your business, meaning whether you use both skills and behavioral data, skills data only, or you measure a specific ability, Orgvue will help you deliver results.

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Be confident in your data

  • Bring together your data from many different systems
  • Easily check that it’s consistent
  • Create a trusted source of truth to support decisions
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Stay ahead of skills trends

  • Continuously reassign, upskill and hire the right talent
  • Stay ahead of the market and ensure constant growth
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Empower and retain your workforce

  • Get the right people in the right positions
  • Invest in your workforce where needed
  • Develop internal career paths
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Build an internal long-term capability

  • Build the capability to visualize and continuously review your skills and competencies
  • Extend your strategic approach to talent selection, succession planning, learning and development, and workforce planning

Use Orgvue’s expertise to analyze your skills and competencies

Our five recommended steps are completely adaptable to any organization, depending on the data available and your business needs.


Bring your data together in one place

Bring your data together, align it, and set a strong foundation for the work you’re going to do. You can either bring data in from external sources (it could be from your HR system, spreadsheets or any other platform), or use Orgvue’s competency survey to gather data on your workforce.

Screenshot of Orgvue's workforce skills and competency survey

Example of the Orgvue competency survey, where a leader is assigning three competencies to an employee

Competencies needed for each role in the executive team


Set the target competencies you need to achieve your business strategy

Answer questions such as:

  • What competencies do I need in my engineering team in order to improve the product?
  • At what levels should they be?
  • What skills and competency levels do I need in the finance team to achieve my financial objectives?

Analyze the actual skills and competencies your workforce has today

Answer questions such as:

  • What skills do members of the marketing team possess today?
  • Which teams are most proficient in project management?
  • Which people are the single holders of a particular competency?
  • How does the IT team do in all programming skills?

Understand in which departments your behavioral skills are supplied today

Screenshot from Orgvue platform showing skills gap in an organization

Seeing where critical skills are missing in the business


Assess the gap between what you need and what you have

Answer questions such as:

  • Do we have the supply of talent to meet demand?
  • Which competency are we really low on as a company?
  • Which roles are lacking proficiency across the organization?
  • In which area should we hire people?
  • In which area should we upskill our talent?
  • Where is there an opportunity to move people from one team to another?
  • Which roles have we got strengths or weaknesses in?

Set an action plan

Bring clarity to your business, ensure the succession of roles, and manage risk from a people and positions perspective.

This will inform:

  • Your talent management and succession planning strategy
  • Your training needs analysis
  • Your ongoing talent selection
  • Your workforce planning strategy
Screenshot from the orgvue platform showing progression of role successors in an organization

Evaluating the progress of successors to plan appropriate development and training programs

Customer story

Naval building organization prepares itself for industry shift by uncovering competency gaps



30% of competencies were located in a small part of the business


Roles had too many competencies

12% of roles were assigned an excessive 20+ target competencies


Roles did not fit requirements

30% of roles did not fit their competency requirements

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Not only did we uncover some serious gaps in how we managed competencies, but we now have a team equipped with the right processes to ensure we stay on top of the skills market

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Business goal

  • Effectively respond to major changes in industry requirements by ensuring the business has an appropriately skilled engineering workforce
  • Uncover gaps in current competency management and workforce planning methodology, and drive more proactive talent decision making


  • Gathered and aligned competency data in Orgvue, making use of historical Excel models
  • Assessed the workforce and identified imbalances and opportunities in the current competency framework
  • Established a concise approach to developing and assigning target competencies to roles
  • Built in-house capability to visualize workforce gaps and needs, and enable ongoing and proactive decision making
Skills and competency analysis data sheet

Data sheet

Skills and competency

Learn how Orgvue helps you to adopt a strategic approach to your workforce’s skills and competencies.

Find out how Orgvue helps you to analyze the skills and competencies your workforce has today, identify the ones you need to achieve your business strategy and the gap between the two, so you can inform your people strategy and manage risk. Read the data sheet to learn more about how Orgvue helps with skills and competency analysis:

  • Integrate and align your skills and competency data.
  • Set competency targets, and what you need to achieve success.
  • Analyze actuals, and what competencies your workforce has today.
  • Assess the gap between the skills you need and the ones you have.
  • Bring clarity to your business and set an action plan.

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