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Talent selection

Review your talent supply and map the right people to the right positions.

The right talent for the right roles

When planning large-scale workforce changes, success is often determined by matching the right talent to the right positions. 

But mapping thousands of employees to thousands of positions is not easy. When visualizing the talent you have and the talent you need, many variables such as skills, financial planning, location preferences and hybrid working need to be taken into consideration as you make decisions.  

Planners need a platform that simplifies how they see their talent supply and demand and allows them to map the right people to the right positions, so they can confidently manage their future design. 

How Orgvue helps

Orgvue is an organizational design and workforce planning platform, purpose-built to handle large amounts of data and offer advanced data visualization capabilities. It brings your HR and finance data together, so you can see your talent supply and link it to unassigned or changed positions for a fast and effective transition process.

Manage your talent selection process

See what activities are being done and by whom, and where there might be a need for redesign, so you can model changes to your workforce. 

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Visualize your data in a powerful way

  • Bring your people and positions data together in a single source of truth
  • See talent availability, nominate applicants based on criteria such as skills, location or preferences, and highlight potential gaps


Map people to positions and build talent pools

  • Connect candidates to target positions
  • Using Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality, assign people to positions and build talent pools
  • Confirm selections after considering all your options
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Validate selection and manage the transition process

  • View the impact of your decisions at a granular level
  • Let Orgvue highlight errors, such as teams being over capacity
  • Manage exits and movements as required
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Review your selection and engage stakeholders

  • View the financial impact of your decisions at a granular level and as a whole
  • Assign responsibility to the implementation team
  • Share your progress with stakeholders

Match the right people to the right positions


Build talent pools for positions before validating your selection

After integrating your data from different sources into the platform, use Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality to create talent pools by selecting talent based on role requirements. When you’re ready, confirm candidates and let Orgvue flag errors for your attention; for example, when the same person has been confirmed for two roles. 

Showing positions in Orgvue with their different talent pools, whether candidates have been confirmed, selected, slated, or not selected

Using Orgvue to ensure changes haven’t impacted one gender more than another.


Review the impact of your decisions and execute your plan

To make sure you’re providing equal opportunity, you need to understand the composition of the workforce being impacted. Doing this will ensure you’re in line with your design principles in relation to culture, business objectives, financial planning, diversity and equal opportunity.  

Customer story

A worldwide transition for a low-carbon future



50,000 employees involved in global transformation.


Weeks instead of months

6 weeks instead of 6 months for the full workforce redesign.


Upskilled OD practitioners

300 upskilled Organizational Design practitioners in repeatable workforce planning.

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Thanks to Orgvue, we managed to finalize this process in 6 weeks instead of 6 months.

VP of org design, oil and gas multinational

Business goal

  • Move away from a traditional oil and gas operating model to a model focused on renewable sources 
  • Redesign more than 50,000 positions and undertake the full transformation quickly and at scale


  • Created surveys to capture employee information such as activity and performance and linked the results to existing employee and position data in Orgvue  
  • Managed employee selection and transition, firstly for the organization’s top layers (1,000 employees), then for the entire company (50,000 positions) 
  • Trained and supported over 300 users to deliver repeatable workforce planning 
Talent selection and transition management data sheet

Data sheet

Talent selection

Learn more about how Orgvue can help you confidently manage your talent selection process:

  • map talent to your future organization so planners can make informed decisions based on advanced criteria such as skills, financial planning, regulatory compliance, and the desire for hybrid working
  • create a secure single source of harmonized data that can be accessed by multiple teams
  • model org structures, identify synergies using visualization and automation to address data inconsistencies

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