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Orgvue features

Accelerate design and planning with features andcapabilities aligned to the objectives of your organization

Orgvue features and capabilities

Starting with a clear and in-depth picture of your entire organization, Orgvue gives you the clarity to see, model and reimagine the future. We can help you adapt to change through continuous cycles of workforce planning and organizational design.

All this is done to the highest standards of security and compliance, which are built directly into our platform and our operations. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are always our top priority.

Data management

Upload data from HR information systems and financial planning platforms, then merge, cleanse and validate it with Orgvue. You can then instantly visualize your organization in a powerful way and identify areas that need attention.

  • Instant data visualization organizational charts.
  • Data sorted by relevant criteria, such as level, location and salary.
  • Clean merge and align data with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Identify missing data or data errors.

Explore data harmonization and management

Activity analysis

Link people to work through existing data or use Orgvue’s survey capability to gain a deep understanding of activity-based costing, work fragmentation, role design and more. Once you understand how work is distributed, you can then model outcomes for future decisions. 

  • Process taxonomy building.
  • Augmented activity data with built-in surveys.
  • Instant visualization of cost implications.
  • Activity analysis of business performance and efficiency at individual, team or group level.
  • Preconfigured templates enabling best-in-class analysis.

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Find out how Orgvue can help you plan your future

Data visualization

Data visualization across your organization, including:

  • Role fragmentation.
  • Functional alignment.
  • Overwork/underwork.
  • Focus (senior versus junior, strategic roles versus operational).
  • Role clarity (in role responsibility).
  • Time-sink (activities that seem quick but lead to overwork).

Scenario modeling

Drive innovation by creating various ‘what if’ scenarios that could influence the future development of your organization. This can be done globally, simultaneously and across multiple workstreams, with outcomes visible at a local, regional and enterprise level.

  • Design from top level to granular department and team view.
  • Model across the whole organizational system (people, roles, competencies, responsibilities, activity and cost).
  • Automatic calculation of cost implication (cost, headcount, spans of control or any other metric).
  • Comparison of ‘as is’ with ‘to be’ design.
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality for fast, iterative modeling.
  • Preconfigured templates for powerful modeling and visualizations.

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Talent selection and transition management

Link your design to your data to select people based on skills, performance and availability. With Orgvue, you’ll also be able to assign targets for recruitment and responsibilities to the implementation team, allowing you to progress towards the ‘to be’ design.

  • Talent pool development using multiple metrics including skills, performance, location, grade and availability.
  • Selection process management and visualization.
  • Risk management and succession planning
  • Talent mapping using specific criteria with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Automatic validation and error report.
  • Comparison with organizational design principles and departmental impact.

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Agile structures

Orgvue gives you the digital capabilities to streamline the process of structuring agile teams, source talent to fill demand and, most importantly, continuously recalibrate. Start with our pre-built slides as a framework, then use them to navigate the process – and keep it going.

  • Construction, modeling and visualization of agile teams and roles.
  • Full time equivalent targets for each team.
  • Talent deployment and capacity management for individuals and teams.
  • Multiples hierarchies – functional hierarchy and agile set-up.
  • Matrix reporting with the option of switching between two hierarchies.
  • Summaries for agile teams, including headcount, FTE and cost data.

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Tracking and monitoring

Orgvue’s tracking and monitoring of your organization can result in significant cost savings, particularly when it comes to resource allocation and transfer. React swiftly to change with continually updated insight into available skills.

  • Track progress against targets, costs, headcount and FTE trends over time
  • Target setting and importing
  • Granular, month-to-month comparison changes at business, departmental and position level
  • Preconfigured templates and slides for powerful visualization and executive engagement

See Orgvue in action

Orgvue uses your data to help you grow and shape your business. The ultimate in future readiness.

See the organization’s hidden truths

  • Rapidly import and clean data at scale
  • Quickly build a baseline view of your workforce
  • Analyze any dimension or measure in depth
  • Export to PowerPoint to share with your team

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Design the organization-as-a-system

  • Map positions, roles, activities and competencies
  • Model your future organization
  • Manage multiple workstreams, securely
  • Track implementation against ‘to-be’ design

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Plan your workforce from end-to-end

  • Forecast supply over planning horizon
  • Simulate top-down view of demand
  • Model bottom-up demand at position level
  • Reconcile plans to align your business

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Monitor performance continuously

  • Monitor actuals and forecast against targets
  • Track in-flight initiatives in real time
  • Spot opportunities and risks early
  • Recommend actions to stay on track

Customer stories

Our customers

Meet the industry leaders and get to know our platform and services.

M&T Bank
Johnson & Johnson
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Anglo American
Bank of Ireland
HM Government
Wonderful Citrus


Major global bank


cost savings


completed project in 1/3 of time


fewer resources needed


Global chemical business


fewer resources needed


business partners collaborated


data records in one view


Insurance company


saving on labor costs


saving on managerial and overhead costs


reduction in organizational layers

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Aviva Case Study Orgvue case study: Aviva
Orgvue helped Aviva, a Financial Services organization, with workforce modeling, design and transition to their future organization for a fast and accurate post-merger integration at lower cost and risk.
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Orgvue’s four-step process

A streamlined, fast, yet comprehensive process, Orgvue’s proven four steps support workforce planning with a focus firmly on the achievement of business goals.


Orgvue enables you to clearly see the connections between your business strategy, the work that needs doing across your organization and the people doing the work.


Model how your organization could look in the future and immediately see the impacts. You can then change parameters and instantly compare, giving you the ability to design with confidence.


Use Orgvue’s workforce planning capability to resource and implement the designs you’ve created, all in line with your business strategy.


Closely track, monitor and manage implementation activity, with downstream integration enabling you to plan in real time and course-correct at will.

We improved our data accuracy by more than 30%, increased business confidence, and boosted credibility for HR and Finance.

Vice President, Human Resources, Kellogg’s

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