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About Dynaplan

Orgvue and Dynaplan have joined forces to introduce continuous workforce planning

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Dynaplan is now an Orgvue company. Orgvue acquired Dynaplan in December 2021 to bring together expertize in organizational design and strategic workforce planning and enable the world’s largest companies to prepare for an uncertain future. 

Continuous end-to-end operational and strategic workforce planning

Workforce planning is a fluid, ongoing process that tracks and adapts as the organization changes. It is a mix of strategic outlook over the longer term and designing the right structures to ensure  pragmatic fulfilment of operational needs in terms of talent in the shorter term. 

Together, Orgvue and Dynaplan are on a mission to capture the power of data visualization and organization modeling to build better-performing workforces in a changing world. The new, enhanced Orgvue platform will unite HR, Finance and business leaders in making faster workforce decisions with more confidence. 

Proven pedigree in strategic workforce planning

Since 2004, global and regional leaders from companies including Audi, BMW, Deutsche Bahn and Lutfhansa have partnered with Dynaplan to establish robust, impactful workforce planning solutions. These solutions give customers transparency around the risks and opportunities in managing megatrends such as demographic change, labor scarcity and digitalization. 

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Dynaplan’s dynamic scenario simulation solution supports BMW’s workforce planning worldwide.


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Scenario-based simulation

The scenario-based simulation approach behind Dynaplan’s dynamic workforce planning capability, combined with Orgvue’s strength in position-level modeling and visualization, is fundamental to a broader business ambition to bring continuous, end-to-end workforce planning to the human capital management market. 

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The Dynaplan simulation tool has been an important cornerstone of developing our Strategic Workforce Planning approach for the Audi Group. In our collaboration we have moreover benefited tremendously from the conceptual insights of the Dynaplan team.

Audi Group

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Meet the strategic workforce planning and technology experts

Kai Berendes 

Kai is a distinguished expert in the field of strategic corporate planning, with a focus on HR. As consultant and partner of a Swiss consulting company he has been involved in numerous strategic workforce planning projects, some of which have been awarded the German HR Prize. At Dynaplan he drove the development of the SWP solution. He is a regular conference speaker, lecturer at universities and a member of advisory boards.

Yngve Mellingen 

Yngve is a senior software developer with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He has been creating software for close to 15 years, and has been part of the team since its inception, with user interfaces as his main focus. This experience has brought Yngve very close to the business and user needs for strategic workforce planning software and the ideal user experience for using technology to deliver successful strategic workforce planning.

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Dynaplan offers a comprehensive, strategic workforce planning tool combined with a strong customer focus. This enables us as HR to send important, strategic impulses to the whole organisation and to make fundamental decisions about the direction of workforce planning.


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The team from Dynaplan offered a customized strategic workforce planning solution. If you are interested and would like more information on Dynaplan’s innovative workforce planning simulation technology which is now part of Orgvue, please visit

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