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Orgvue Expert Services

Use Orgvue’s team of experts to successfully run transformation programs. Accelerate quality delivery in a cost-effective way and build the capability within your business.​

A diagram listing the Orgvue expert services: org design capability; data cleaning and optimization; Orgvue platform customization; transformation delivery; and project accelerator


Every year, Orgvue experts help numerous large-scale organizations with their transformation projects. When historical success rates for organizational transformation have often fallen short, Orgvue Expert Services, backed by best-in-class technology, consistently deliver successful outcomes – from rapidly achieving cost optimization wins to helping establish centers of excellence and increasing organization’s adaptability.

What sets Orgvue apart is our dedication to helping our customers succeed. Unlike companies that deploy their software and step aside, Orgvue does things differently. Our Expert Services team is here to help you get the most out of the platform, and achieve the original goals that led you to choose Orgvue. Our team meets you where you are, accelerates your journey to success, and shows you how to enhance your organization effectiveness across the business.

Who are our experts?

The Orgvue’s Expert Services team is comprised of highly skilled professionals specialized in Organization Design and Transformation. They have a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and have repeatedly increased and accelerated value to large-scale transformation programs. Whether it’s optimizing organizational structures, designing effective workforce plans, or facilitating transformative initiatives, Orgvue’s Expert Services team has the expertise and knowledge to support your organization’s unique needs.

What to expect:

  1. Expertise and experience
  2. A collaborative approach
  3. Tailored solutions
  4. Practical guidance
  5. Long-term capability building

Why use our expert services?

When it comes to cost cutting, a recent study has shown that 60% of business leaders who made quick cost-cutting decisions regretted it. Reasons included:

  • Loss of talent they later needed (24%)
  • Decreased employee engagement (24%)
  • Negative impacts on efficiency and productivity (21%)

Our experts help you navigate those challenges with one goal in mind: to help you balance immediate cost optimization imperatives while taking into consideration longer term objectives, and build the internal capability for you to own the process of making fast and informed decisions in the future. Their deep understanding of the technology combined with their methodology has proven to be successful time and time again. They are focused on your needs, and committed to your success.

Our offerings

We have several offerings to accelerate quality delivery in a cost-effective way, from data collection and analysis to design and implementation. Our experts will show you how to get more out of the Orgvue platform more quickly and build and embed sustainable capability within your business.​

Organization design and  workforce planning capability design

Assisting you in defining strategy, purpose, services, and building a capable team

  • Defining the strategy and purpose of the Org Design capability
  • Scoping resources and build the team and capability

Data cleaning and optimization

Helping you establish a clean baseline dataset so you can make data driven decisions

  • Data health assessments (audit of existing current data cleanliness and completeness)
  • Data quality and cleaning sprint

Orgvue Solution configuration

Aligning the solution to your business focus and challenges

  • Tuning of existing Orgvue solution to align with areas of business focus
  • Project accelerators and design sessions to dial Orgvue more closely into your business

Bespoke Custom solutions​

Developing unique workflows/ visualizations to address specific objectives

  • Creation of bespoke solutions in Orgvue to address unique business use cases
  • Creation of custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations to provide actionable insights and inform decision-making

Programme delivery

Helping you deliver your transformation initiatives and ensure successful outcomes

  • Use of Orgvue team’s expertise to complement your existing team and ensure successful completion of the transformation project

Find out how Orgvue expert services can help you successfully transform your business, fast

What we’ve achieved in the past


Major global bank


cost savings


completed project in 1/3 of time


fewer resources needed


Global retail organization


countries impacted by operating model transformation


global workstreams managed simultaneously in multiple locations


upskilled organizational design practitioners


Global healthcare company


saving on labor costs


positions closed in the first 3 months of implementation


finance and HR practitioners upskilled

Expert services solution brief

Solution brief

Expert services

Read our latest solution brief and learn more about how we can help you with:

  • Organizational design and workforce planning capability design
  • Data cleaning and optimization
  • Orgvue solution customization
  • Orgvue tailored solution
  • Programme delivery

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