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Organizational transformation

Shifting your organization structure, size and talent in response to change

Confidently deliver successful transformation

In a world where the only constant is change, organizations need to thrive in a perpetual state of flux, continually adapting to new opportunities and to fend off challenges. In response to some of these changes, they often have to rethink their organizational structure and the way they serve customers. This can impact their business model, size and people at all levels of the organization. 

So, how can you make accurate changes at speed and scale, while simultaneously managing the complexity of different datasets, to design your future organization and execute your business strategy? 

Critical success factors for transformation

Organizational transformation is complex, fraught with risk and difficult to manage, but doing things well can improve results massively. 3 factors will determine the outcome of your transformation: 

Alignment and engagement – engage the business

Transformation programs that have aligned leadership have a 70% higher success rate than those where business leaders are not.

Solid program management and track value realization

Running a centralized program management office will ensure an 80% higher chance the transformation delivers on its promise.

Trusted data and analysis for data-driven analysis

Any transformation program will have a 40% higher chance of success if people have confidence in the data and analysis.

Discover the 5 habits of successful business transformation

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How Orgvue helps

Orgvue is an organization design and planning platform, here to help you design a fearless future. Plan with confidence by creating a single source of truth for your data and model the future in a safe and controlled environment. Then, execute your plan by allocating the right people to the right roles and track your progress against plan. 

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Understand and create the structure for analysis and actions

  • Bring your data together from many sources, align it and remove inconsistencies 
  • Look at how different functions are currently designed and understand your current organization and cost structure 
  • Identify opportunities and risks 
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Model your future organization with confidence

  • Redesign your organization in a safe and controlled environment, using Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Optimize your future structure for people, positions and cost 
  • Instantly see the impact of your changes 
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Populate your new structure with the right people

  • Take a data-driven approach to mapping talent to your structure 
  • Use criteria such as skills, availability, grade, performance and preferences to build talent pools and confirm candidates 
  • See the high-level impact of your decisions on your design principles, including diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity and culture 
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Ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your business objectives 

  • Track progress against early assumptions and targets over time 
  • Ensure there’s no gap between your goals and current developments 
  • Iterate your plan as needed in response to changes 
  • Track employee movement (joiners, movers) and manage leavers 

3 steps to success with Orgvue’s best practice platform and expertise

Bring together teams from across the organization to collaborate in a best practice SaaS platform that enables both regional modeling and centralized overview, to increase your chances of success. Leverage data driven analysis and design that incorporates key indicators like skills availability, location, activity analysis and org structures as well as cost and headcount. 


Model your future organization

Bring your data together from many different sources, align it and baseline it to create a single source of truth. Once you understand your current cost structure, start designing your future organization using Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality, and instantly see the impact of your changes on people, positions and cost. 

Comparing ‘as is’ cost with ‘to be’ cost by department 
Ethnicity split by department

Populate your new structure with the right talent

Now that you know what your structure looks like, take a data-driven approach to allocating the right people to the right roles. Use criteria such as skills, availability, grade or performance to build talent pools and confirm candidates once ready. Instantly see the impact of your decisions on your design principles, such as diversity, equal opportunity or gender. 


Keep track of your progress against targets 

As you go through your transformation, track progress against early assumptions and targets over time. Track employee movement (joiners, movers and leavers) and ensure there’s no gap between your goals and current developments. You can always iterate your plan as needed, in response to internal or external changes.  

Tracking cost per months period using Orgvue, covering the original plan and actual numbers 

Customer story:

Global athletic apparel company redesigns its structure to increase business performance 

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Despite the large amount of data that we had to work with across the business, we managed to create the new structure and allocate talent to positions quickly and at scale, while considerably eliminating risks.

Head of Human Resources

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Business goal

  • Transition from a structure organized by industry sport to one organized by customer gender, proven to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing across 50K + employees 
  • Plan a multi-stage organizational transformation approach that is repeatable and scalable across 70 countries 


  • Developed a standardized data architecture, modeling environment and reporting suite 
  • Redesigned 6 different support functions simultaneously to align to the new model  
  • Built the foundation to assess talent and skills, and mapped the right people to the right positions 
  • Developed in-house capability by training over 150 HR and business partners to ensure a decentralized and sustainable transformation program 

Transformation solution brief

Discover how Orgvue can help you drive a business transformation that delivers on its promise.

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that hits more targets than it misses:

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  • A SaaS platform that changes everything
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