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Organizational transformation

Transformation that delivers its promise

Fearlessly plan for the future

In a world where the only constant is change, organizations need to thrive in a perpetual state of flux, continually adapting to capitalize on new opportunities and fend off challenges. In this new reality, there’s no place for the large-scale org transformations of yesteryear. Instead, what’s needed is an evolutionary approach to change that’s more discrete and more frequent.

orgvue is here to help you design a fearless future. Plan with confidence by creating a single source of truth on your workforce. Then get ahead by modeling what the future may hold and how your organization will respond. This is how to get a firm handle on tomorrow’s transformations.

Confidently deliver transformation success

Transformation is a fact of life in business. Modern organizations are in a constant state of change, continually adapting to take on new challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

There are many forms of transformation with digital transformation but the frightening statistic that shows up in multiple surveys is how many fail (80% according to Harvard Business Review). And of those that do deliver almost 70% of changes that businesses implement fail to stick (HBR).

This is not so surprising. Transformations are complex programs with many moving parts. They’re often dependent on a high degree of engagement across the business where there’s usually a natural resistance to change.

So, when failure comes with considerable risk for the future of the business, how can you plan a transformation program that hits more targets than it misses?

Critical success factors for transformation

organizational transformation is complex, fraught with danger and difficult to manage but doing things well can improve results massively. 3 factors will determine the outcome of your transformation.

Alignment and engagement – engage the business

Transformation programs that have aligned leadership have a 70% higher success rate than those where business leaders are not.

  • Get your stakeholders on board from the outset.
  • Align strategy and planning on the desired business outcomes.
  • Focus on people and organizational structure.
  • Use visual storytelling, manage change and engage business leaders.

Solid program management and track value realization

Running a centralized program management office will ensure an 80% higher chance the transformation delivers on its promise.

  • Drive higher adoption and success through constant stakeholder engagement and collaboration.
  • Track progress, course correct at will and showcase benefit realization.
  • Increases the clarity and transparency within organizations to promote co-creation and collaboration and executive sponsorship.

Trusted data and analysis fo data-driven analysis

Any transformation program will have a 40% higher chance of success if people have confidence in the data and analysis.

  • Openly collaborate and co-create analyses, models and reports to accelerate decision-making.
  • Set a  solid data foundation for all phases of work by aligning multiple data sources into a single source of truth
  • Leverage best in class data driven methodology
  • Accelerate time to value with SaaS driven analytics and a data management solution.

“What would have taken a couple of days to do in terms of organizational design, people are doing in hours now… it becomes an evolution not a transformation.”

Julie Digby, Global Integration and Transformation Leader

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How orgvue helps transformation

A SaaS platform that changes everything as it enables a data-driven approach to transformation.

orgvue is a design and planning platform that helps your organization to adapt to the constant disruption in the world of business today. It brings together data to reveal the truth about your organization, which in turn enables you to plan your transformation program, collaborate on its future-state design and monitor how well it’s being executed. Because good organizations don’t stand still, they constantly evolve. orgvue empowers you to lead that continual cycle of improvement with confidence.


Step 1 – See: See your current state

  • Import, clean and integrate large datasets from different systems with drag-and-drop simplicity to quickly build a trusted data baseline that reveals the true state of your organization, how work is done and what it costs.
Screenshot of orgvue seeing the current state of the organization
Screenshot of orgvue showing the impact of the design at a macro level showing the total cost of change of roles giving clarity to how costs are changing as the result of the new design

Step 2 – Design: Design at macro and micro levels

  • Adopt a ‘what if’ mindset to model and compare different scenarios for every area of the organization and quickly explore ‘what if’ scenarios, see impacts and redesign on-the-fly. Easy, drag-and-drop functionality enables you to relocate roles, outsource or automate work, and see the impact of those decisions in real-time.

Step 3 – Plan: Plan the path to a future state

  • Navigate the transition to your future state through a defined talent selection process. Define a selection method and talent pools. Visualize the planned roles and talent pools to map people to positions. Map people into new structures using specific criteria and easily spot duplications and gaps.
Screenshot of orgvue which shows where the critical skills and roles lie within the organization and which departments are at most at risk so highest priority
Screenshot of orgvue monitoring progress against the plan

Step 4 – Monitor: Monitor, track and sustain

  • Monitor multiple metrics to track progress against your plan and easily spot deviations from plan and remodel to rectify in good time. You can easily track progress against targets through a refresh of your organizational data, understand changes from the baseline, to plan, to current state, spot risks and course course-correct as the program progresses.

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Achieve a less disruptive transformation

orgvue enables you to move from an event-based activity to building a muscle in-house to smooth out the waves of disruption. Disruption creates loss of productivity and therefore business results.  Just like any effort to get healthy, creating good habits, smaller, incremental changes lead to growth, sustainability and success.

3 imperatives for continuous operating model design

Monitor the health of the business – this is not an event

Build a sustainable organizational planning and analysis capability

Reduce the need for painful, demoralizing large-scale transformations

Source: *Harvard business review Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology (

design your business of tomorrow, today

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