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Benefits of using Orgvue


Major global bank


cost savings


completed project in 1/3 of time


fewer resources needed


Global manufacturing business


fewer resources needed


business partners collaborated


data records in one view


Insurance company


saving on labor costs


saving on managerial and overhead costs


reduction in organizational layers


Orgvue helped Aviva, a financial services organization, design and transition to their future organization for a fast and accurate post-merger integration at lower cost and risk.

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Britam Insurance

Britam, a financial services group, uses Orgvue to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and reduce the number of organizational layers.

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LeasePlan uses Orgvue to connect its people, processes and customers to drive efficiency, deliver better customer service and make fully informed strategic business decisions.

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global logistics company

Optimizing organizational structure for a global logistics provider to transition to a more agile, transparent and cost-effective organization.

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European Broadcasting Union

A business transformation case study to design a workforce that’s fit for the future – connecting people, roles, activities and competencies.

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global manufacturing company

Read this customer success story to learn how this global manufacturing company confidently tracked, monitored and showed cost reduction progress.

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