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Workforce transformation

Redefining the work and skills required for your business to thrive 

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A new way to look at the workforce

In today’s business environment, economic pressure, increased competition, talent scarcity, and technological advances continue to change the nature of work. In order to thrive, organizations need to move beyond traditional organizational design and cost management, and continuously rethink the work performed to ensure they’re delivering value.

How Orgvue helps

Orgvue is an organizational design and planning platform that empowers businesses to continuously redefine the work performed and the skills their workforce needs to thrive in a constantly changing world of work.

From designing roles and activities to analyzing competencies, Orgvue’s data-driven approach gives you the ability to design, deliver, and run a successful workforce transformation, while maintaining an ongoing strategic approach​.

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  • Bring together many different data sources (activities; roles; competencies) in Orgvue
  • Set a strong data foundation for future decisions
  • Securely manage, analyze, and model your workforce data at scale
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  • Easily update data models to ensure you stay up to date with latest skills gaps and cost of processes
  • Use Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality to make changes at any given time in a risk-free environment
  • See in real-time the impact of proposed changes to the work and workforce
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  • Quickly identify risks, such as competency gaps or poor bench strength
  • Action your models and designs, and manage stakeholders
  • Inform your HR strategy by hiring, upskilling or moving talent withing your organization as needed
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  • Easily update models to ensure you stay up to date with latest skills gaps and cost of processes 
  • Ensure stakeholder accountability 
  • Track progress against initial targets and course-correct your plan where needed 

Undergoing a workforce transformation with Orgvue

Orgvue’s data-driven approach to redefining your workforce consists of three pillars, providing you with the foundations to systematically design, plan, and adapt to the future of work.


Design the roles you need to achieve your objectives

Define the roles and positions needed to adapt to the changing nature of work, so you can plan with confidence.

  • What actions need to be performed to deliver the planned activities? 
  • What competencies are needed to deliver the planned activities? 
  • How does that look in a role? 
  • What role characteristics are needed today and which ones will be needed in the future?
Screenshot from the Orgvue platform showing list of activities for a Head of Marketing role
Orgvue screenshot showing the skills required for Head of Marketing role
Screenshot from the Orgvue platform showing cost of each business activity in an organization
Understand the cost of each activity
Screenshot from the Orgvue platform modeling future or work scenarios for an organziation
Model the future of work using Orgvue’s drag-and-drop functionality

Activity analysis and redesign

Understand what activities are being performed, how, and the cost of the work. Then model changes and assess the impact of your designs, so you can confidently plan and make changes.

  • Are we doing the right work to deliver our strategy?
  • Are we spending the right amount of time on a specific activity?
  • What happened if I outsourced an activity?
  • Are the right people doing the right work?

Understand the skills you have, the ones you need and the gap between the two

Set the target competencies you need to achieve your objectives, understand your current workforce skills data, analyze the gap between the two and develop targeted intervention plans. 

Answer questions such as:

  • What competencies do I need in a specific team in order to improve performance? 
  • Which teams have average high proficiency levels across all or specified competencies? 
  • Do we have the supply of talent to meet demand?
  • In which area should you upskill your talent?  
Understanding the skills target needed for each role

Solution brief: transformation

Discover how Orgvue can help you drive a business transformation that delivers on its promise.

See how to plan a transformation program
that hits more targets than it misses:

  • Learn about 3 factors that will determine the outcome of your transformation
  • A SaaS platform that changes everything
  • A customer case study

Design your business of tomorrow, today

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