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Blue Turtle and Orgvue Partner for Advanced Workforce Modelling

Availability of Orgvue to Sub-Saharan Africa market empowers companies to analyze data and visually plan for any business scenario to optimize their workforce

Published by Orgvue 

Johannesburg, South Africa – April 15, 2020Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with Orgvue as an official reseller and implementation partner for its workforce analysis and modelling software platform. This sees customers able to quickly visualise their organizations and spot opportunities to optimise the workforce.

Orgvue aggregates workforce data and models different scenarios, so business leaders can confidently design their organization of the future. The ability to constantly adapt and finesse the organization in response to ever-shifting market forces is what separates the success stories from the rest – from ensuring regulatory compliance, planning for large-scale organizational restructures, mergers and acquisitions, to analysing impacts of deploying disruptive technologies such as robotic process automation.

“In these uncertain times stemming from the current lockdown, South Africa and many other countries around the world are experiencing business disruption. Being able to access a powerful cloud-based solution such as Orgvue that provides strategic insights into how a company operates while unlocking hidden truths becomes essential,” says Byron Wolff, Digital Product Manager at Blue Turtle. “Orgvue can match people to roles, competencies, activities, and business objectives in real-time, regardless of where they are working.”

“Using Orgvue, organizations will be able to identify those areas most prone to disruption and can plan for it proactively. They can analyse their organizations and plan for their change initiatives, thereby ensuring change management factors in the people, process, and technologies to remain integrated. This will significantly reduce failure rates on digital transformation initiatives,” adds Wolff.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and their workforces struggled to effectively adapt to the disruption brought about by technological and digital innovation. In most instances, these businesses have had to adopt a reactive approach. But Orgvue changes this as it empowers management to make data-driven decisions in real-time using automated data collection, visualisation, and organizational modelling.

Orgvue can work either as a standalone solution or form part of a precursor to any of the digital transformation solutions Blue Turtle has available. On its own, Orgvue empowers organizations to visualise operations in ways previously unimaginable. And when linked to a broader digital transformation strategy, decision-makers will be better equipped to conduct scenario analysis, so they can better plan for organizational change events.

“We are delighted to be working with Blue Turtle as they are well positioned to help businesses execute on digital transformation across the entire enterprise,” states Rob Amor, SVP of Global Channels at Orgvue. “Jointly, we will be able to assist finance and human resources departments to analyse a workforce, so the business can better adapt to disruption – something that is critical at a time when change is constant and immediate. Together, we will help clients visualise their organization and workforce to better manage complex events such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, value-chain optimisation, and improving business effectiveness.”

With Orgvue, companies of all sizes and sectors can design how they see the future of their organization while factoring the impact this might have on current operations. Additionally, management will be able to put a new business model in place to deliver its value earlier, while reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

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About Orgvue

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in London, Orgvue is the leading software platform for workforce analysis and modelling that enables business, finance, and HR leaders to be always ready, completely connected and future focused when it comes to planning and optimising their organizations to outperform. Implemented by enterprises and consulting firms the world over, Orgvue uses data to spot opportunities and eliminate risk in every change and transformation initiative, so every decision is made with total confidence.

In May 2018, Orgvue secured a £41M growth equity investment to accelerate its international expansion and now operates from registered offices in London, Philadelphia, The Hague and Sydney.