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Orgvue appoints Oliver Shaw as Chief Executive Officer

Shaw steps into the leadership role immediately as the company continues to focus on growth and driving transformational business outcomes for customers

Published by Orgvue 

Orgvue CEO Oliver Shaw
Orgvue’s new Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Shaw

London, January 17, 2023 Orgvue, the enterprise organizational design and workforce planning software platform, has today announced the appointment of Oliver Shaw to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

In position from January 2023, Shaw’s focus at the helm of the business will seek to fuel Orgvue’s continued growth and ability to provide enterprise organizations with access to the right market-leading technology for organizational design, planning, and workforce insights. He is also acutely focused on the delivery of transformational business outcomes across Orgvue’s customer-base against the backdrop of an increasingly challenging and changeable market, with recession planning and the response to today’s economic landscape as top priorities for organizations globally.

“It’s a really pivotal time to join Orgvue. Organizations globally are facing the 4th major challenge in less than three years as recession follows on the coattails of lockdown, hybrid working, and the cost-of-living crisis. This underlines the increasing speed of the business cycle, where a continually uncertain future drives the need to respond quickly and decisively in the face of economic and market upheaval,” said Shaw.

He adds, “As a result, organizations are grappling with more frequent and turbulent planning cycles, needing to redeploy roles, people, and skill sets more than ever before. Orgvue is in a unique position to empower organizations to bring their strategy to life in their organizational structure, transforming how they and their people meet these challenges to deliver on their vision.”

Shaw joins Orgvue from Kalibrate, a retail analytics platform, where he held the Chief Executive position for the last three years. Previous experience includes 10 years at IRIS Software in corporate development and as CEO of the human capital management division. Shaw studied Business Studies at Humberside University and holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University.


About Orgvue

Orgvue, the leading organizational design and workforce planning software platform, captures the power of data visualization and modeling to build more adaptable, better performing organizations. HR, finance, and business leaders rely on Orgvue for actionable insight and analysis that helps them make faster workforce decisions in a constantly changing world.

Orgvue is used by the world’s largest and best-known enterprises and management consulting firms to confidently build the businesses they want tomorrow, today. The company works with many Fortune 500 companies and is headquartered in London, with offices in Philadelphia, The Hague, Toronto and Sydney.

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