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Orgvue introduces industry’s first workforce planning software solution that brings together strategy and people

Orgvue integrates workforce planning technology into its organizational design and planning platform to deliver continuous workforce planning for large businesses

Published by Orgvue 

London, 4 October 2022 – Orgvue, the enterprise organizational design and planning platform, has today released new workforce planning software that connects the entire planning process, from strategic to operational planning, in one solution for the first time.

This means that organizations can now understand how their current workforce is composed, plan future demand using simulation modeling, and manage the complex, distributed workforce planning process – all within one software platform.

Martin Moran, CEO of Orgvue, said: “Finally organizations can pull all their data together and set a meaningful baseline for workforce planning. Representing data through powerful visualizations means executives can now see what’s going on in their business in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.  Using these insights to model future scenarios over time is a real step forward. With this new software, workforce planning becomes a continuous, collaborative activity that’s business as usual for larger organizations.”

“Orgvue has been a leader in organizational design for years and I’m excited to see workforce planning added to the suite,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. ”As jobs and industries change, Orgvue’s workforce planning functionality will help companies better plan, design, and grow their organizations into the future.”

Orgvue captures the power of data visualization and modeling to build better performing organizations. This new solution will bring together HR, finance and business leaders, so they can make decisions faster with more confidence in the face of disruption, uncertainty and change.

The workforce planning integration introduces a new simulation engine that enables businesses to see the gaps between workforce supply and demand, and how these will develop over time. With this insight, planners can use Orgvue’s powerful scenario modeling to reduce the gaps and see the changes take effect in real-time.

Combined with position-level modeling, this functionality is fundamental to a continuous workforce planning capability. Orgvue now brings this within reach of everyone involved in the planning process.

Calder Flynn, Senior Vice President and Segment Chief Financial Officer, M&T Bank, said: “We were pleased to join Orgvue’s workforce planning trial and found the functionality offered efficiency, control, and transparency beyond that of our existing processes. Like many others in the financial services industry, creating more frequent and more accurate financial plans and forecasts are needed to improve responsiveness and address obstacles earlier. The trial has helped us see the importance of alignment between the finance and HR teams in support of the organization’s strategic plan, and how having the right data and visibility into your workforce focuses leadership on where decisions are needed. Orgvue has been the platform to do that.”

Matthew Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Orgvue, said: “Workforce planning is often considered too cumbersome and that it takes too long to be able to conduct continuous planning cycles. Orgvue eliminates spreadsheets and manual tasks and makes collaboration across the business easier. It enables organizations to focus on building a better workforce for the future rather than just managing the workforce planning process.”


About Orgvue

Orgvue, the leading organizational design and planning software platform, captures the power of data visualization and modeling to build more adaptable, better performing organizations. HR, finance and business leaders use Orgvue for actionable insight and analysis that helps them make faster workforce decisions in a constantly changing world.

Orgvue is used by the world’s largest and best-known enterprises and management consulting firms to confidently build the businesses they want tomorrow, today. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Philadelphia, The Hague, Toronto and Sydney.

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