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Data-driven Organization Design (2nd Edition) Sample Chapter

By Rupert Morrison

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The core beliefs of data-driven organization design: sample chapter

This sample chapter is from the book Data-Driven Organization Design, which presents a new way of seeing and understanding the organization as a system. The sample chapter is titled How to build a baseline that can set you up for a successful organization design journey.

The chapter looks at how organizational design isn’t about who reports to who; it’s about what each role in the organization is required to do, what decisions need to be made, what activities need to be done and what competencies are required. The connections are many and interlinked.

This free 22-page chapter from Data-Driven Organization Design will help you lay the foundations for your organizational design journey. The chapter explores:

  • Understanding the organization as an interconnected system
  • Building organizational data through taxonomies
  • Making organizational data visual.

“This book nails it. Honest and practical, it shows you how to deeply analyze and design an organization – and implement it.”

Nathan Adams, HR Director, Aviva

“Provides insightful connection between strategy and enabling organizational design.”

Pär Åström, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Husqvarna Group

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