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Building a tech ecosystem that supports ongoing talent planning and tracking 

Global tech organization implements a sustainable talent planning model and processes that is reliable, scalable, and interconnected 

Published by Orgvue 

Customer story

Using Orgvue for organizational transformation

This global tech company was dealing with the challenges of talent planning using outdated spreadsheets, and started their journey with Orgvue to create a lasting solution. By training 25 of their experts access to on the Orgvue platform, and enabling another 200 users with varying levels of access, the company established a strong foundation.

This began with data alignment and two concurrent workstreams. Led by the business, the first workstream meticulously planned headcount growth across territories, resulting in over 34,000 projected changes. The second, lead by HR, managed talent transitions including promotions and talent mapping. Orgvue introduced a customer approval workflow for transparency and scale, while APIs enabled bi-hourly updates to an external environment and integration with six systems. Executive scorecards offered real-time insights on target progress. Through Orgvue’s partnership, the customer not only achieved their original goals but exceeded them, realizing a three-year vision for advancement.



That’s ten thousand positions entered, managed and changed in Orgvue.


Data changes

Total changes made to the data in sixty days.


Data update

A two hour data update with APIs linking Orgvue to 6 other platforms

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Learning and leveraging Orgvue has transformed my work in various ways and has enabled faster analysis and decision-making with visualization to tell a story

Senior Manager, People Operations

Business goal

  • To develop a sustainable data model and processes for their talent planning programme, historically done on spreadsheets.
  • To create a single source of truth to reduce manual data reconciliation, reduce errors, and increase collaboration and transparency.
  • To become able to track and monitor progress against plan, throughout the years (committed to 3 years).


  • Gave access and trained 25 in-house experts access to Orgvue, and enabled 200 direct platform users with different access levels.
  • Baselined current state, cleaned and aligned the data in Orgvue.
  • Created two different workstreams that ran simultaneously. The first one was led by the business, and reached over 34K changes to the future state design by modeling and planning headcount growth by territories, practices or teams. The second one was led by HR, and was used to plan talent changes such as promotions and compensation review as well as talent mapping
  • Implemented customer approval workflow to track decision making process for visibility and auditability at scale
  • Used APIs to push updated plans to external staging environment every 2 hours, which in its turn pushed the data to 6 different systems
  • Created executive scorecards to report on progress against targets over time

Solution brief

Workforce transformation

Read the solution brief to find out how Orgvue can help you to redefine the work and skills for your business to thrive. Learn about the three key pillars to provide you with the foundations to systematically design, plan and adapt to the future of work:

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