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FMCG organization customer story

FMCG company drives more effective resource allocation to reduce operating costs and drive growth

Customer story

Using Orgvue for organizational design

This FMCG company operated in the space of processed sugary foods, and were looking at expanding to healthier areas. The challenge was that it was expensive, and they needed to cut down their operating cost in order to be successful.

They used Orgvue to build their in-house organization design capability, with around 20 leaders (superusers) across the organization delivering the work. They identified gaps and modeled design changes for different parts of the organization, while prioritizing initiatives that worked the most. As a result, they ran the design process twice as fast as was expected, identified potential risk and maintained a pulse on the organization’s health after the work was done. 


Data accuracy

Ninety-five percent data accuracy achieved in Orgvue.


Cost savings

Fifty million US dollars of cost savings achieved with the support of Orgvue.


Cost reduction

One hundred million US dollar operating cost reduction achieved with the support of Orgvue.

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We never thought we’d manage to design scenarios with 1000s of positions with such ease … and reach our cost objective so quickly

VP Organizational Design

Business goal

  • To adapt to changing demand and customer behaviour by expanding their product range.
  • To reduce operating costs by $100M to drive growth and more effective delivery.
  • To build in-house organization design capabilities.


  • Consolidated organization data in Orgvue, increasing data accuracy from 60% to 95%.
  • Designed, developed, and reviewed multiple design scenarios​, while visualizing the financial impact of decisions in real-time.
  • Built in-house capability to sustain the change management process, and ensure they stay in line with their business objectives.

Solution brief

Organizational design

Read the solution brief to find out how Orgvue can help you to model your organization, assess the impact and design with confidence. Learn about three key challenges of organizational design you will need to overcome and a SaaS platform that changes everything – and how.

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Organization design self assessment

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