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Multinational oil and gas company customer story

A multinational oil and gas company transforms its workforce operating model in 6 weeks instead of 6 months

Customer story

Using Orgvue for talent selection

The organization wanted to start their journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050. They therefore decided to move away from their traditional workforce structure, towards pillars focused on different renewable sources.

With more than 50,000 employees involved in the transformation, they needed Orgvue to allocate the right talent to the right roles, first in the top 3 layers of the organization and then for the rest of the business. Using Orgvue’s survey capability, they understood what skills they had and where, and by pairing that with other metrics such as performance and other HR and finance data, they managed a quick and efficient talent selection process.



Fifty thousand employees involved in global organization transformation.



Six weeks instead of 6 months for the full workforce redesign.


OD practitioners

Three hundred upskilled Organization Design practitioners.

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Thanks to Orgvue, we managed to finalize this process in 6 weeks instead of 6 months

VP Organizational Design

Business goal

  • To move away from a traditional oil and gas operating model towards a model focused on renewable sources.
  • To redesign more than 50,000 positions and undertake the full transformation quickly and at scale.


  • Using Orgvue’s surveys, they captured additional employee information such as skills and performance, and linked them to existing employee and position data in Orgvue.
  • Managed employee selection and transition process by building talent pools based on the data they had, firstly for the top three layers of the organization (1,000 employees), and then for the entire company (50,000 positions).
  • Trained, activated and supported over 300 users to deliver ongoing change.

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Talent selection

Learn how Orgvue helps you with talent selection and transition management. Find out:

  • how Orgvue helps with talent selection and transition management
  • how Orgvue works when used for talent selection and transition management
  • what Orgvue looks like when it is being used for talent selection and transition management.
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