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Orgvue case study: Aviva

A case study in workforce modeling, planning and analysis and organizational redesign for the Financial Services industry.

Customer story

Using Orgvue to see tomorrow’s business today through M&A

Orgvue helped Aviva, a Financial Services organization, with workforce modeling, design and transition to their future organization for a fast and accurate post-merger integration at lower cost and risk.

Aviva, a 30,000 person FTSE 100 financial services organization, had completed its UK acquisition of Friends Life, a 4,000 person business in April 2015. Aviva’s integration team had five months to do their workforce modeling, to design and transition to a future integrated organization in time for the deal closing. The aim was to crowdsource competency information to allocate employees with the best possible skills in a fair and transparent way to run the business forward.



Twelve thousand employees analyzed, modeled and integrated


Days to implement

Only ten days to implement and train the team on using Orgvue


Business records

Twenty-two workstreams analyzed and modeled in Orgvue


Days saved

Four hundred days saved in analysis, freeing up time for strategic planning.

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There are lower risks and lower costs than what we were using before; the internal effort would have been more if we didn’t have Orgvue.

Jeff Nelson, Group HR & Finance Systems and Change Director at Aviva

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Business goal

  • Fast, accurate and sustainable integration.
  • How to coordinate and integrate plans across 22 work streams covering 12,000 people.
  • How to limit and set levels of access within the integration team in line with data confidentiality agreements with Friends Life.
  • How to perform standard analysis across two companies with different grade structures, job titles and performance metrics.
  • How to have a fair and auditable process for assessing and selecting large numbers of people in spite of gaps in historical data on employee performance.
  • How to avoid security risks such as passing sensitive data on Excel across workstreams via email.


  • Workforce modeling and designing tomorrow’s organization today.
  • Fast – implementation of Orgvue only took 10 days.
  • Connected – Aviva had better analysis connecting 12,000 people data across 22 workstreams with Orgvue.
  • Forward-looking – time saved in analysis was used for strategic planning for the future.
  • Lower risk – improved security, data storage in one place with strong access control.


Liaising with Finance, Aviva analyzed and modeled the organization across 22 work streams regarding headcount, cost, location, spans, layers and management ratios. They produced As-Is and To-be analytics and org charts for each workstream to compare multiple organizational models with the expected synergies from the merger and make plans for each rolled-up area with confidence. As the project continued, the team also identified further areas where advanced analytics could drive further value for the business – including activity-based costing and responsibility mapping.

Data-driven and auditable assessment and selection

Workforce modeling completed, Aviva then needed to manage the transition, ensuring they placed and retained the best people in the most appropriate roles. By identifying areas where roles had similar key competencies and could be assessed in the same selection pools, the team simplified a complex process.

Using bespoke web forms sent directly from Orgvue they collected assessment data from managers across the organization for their direct reports. Where available this was combined with information on recent performance. This meant the team could immediately start making fact-based decisions within each workstream, and could see areas that might have highly capable candidates not yet allocated to roles who could be available for redeployment/transfer. The result was an efficient, user-friendly, secure and auditable end-to-end solution for Aviva’s entire integration.

An illustrative view of how Aviva’s integration team tracked their workforce transition over time to ensure their integration remained on target.

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