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orgvue case study: LeasePlan

Published by Orgvue 

LeasePlan uses Orgvue to connect its people, processes and customers to drive efficiency and deliver better customer service and make fully informed strategic business decisions. Read this people analytics case study.

the results


Fifteen plus data sources brought together including an employee survey using Orgvue


Four hundred processes mapped and linked to people across the organization


Eight customer segments analyzed to understand the cost-to-serve of thousands of LeasePlan’s customers.

Key benefits

  • Organizational effectiveness Linked people to process with new visibility of how people spend their time and how much activities cost
  • Process improvement Clear identification of costly processes that could be stopped, improved or redesigned
  • Pricing and service improvement
  • True customer profitability enabled pricing and delivery of services based on actual cost

Strategy based on real data

LeasePlan UK is part of the largest vehicle management group in the world. They wanted to better understand their cost base, pricing and services supplied to each customer. But their existing systems kept their data in silos, and detailed analysis was impossible making it hard to get a holistic understanding across the business.

An illustrative view of Orgvue’s ability to link people to processes revealing insights into process costs across the business enabling identification of efficiency gains.

Operations data was fed into Orgvue, giving LeasePlan a clear view of work volumes and their causes. The total cost base could be viewed from four different perspectives: people, projects, processes or customers. LeasePlan could also see the ‘dimensions’ of cost for each customer such as fixed vs variable, direct vs indirect, ongoing vs one-off.

Making good strategic decisions is all about having the right information. Now that LeasePlan has a holistic view of its costs, it can effectively decide what activities to continue, improve or stop. They can identify most and least profitable customers, optimise pricing and services and better understand customer segments. Orgvue is the starting point for all their strategic questions.

The results are long-lasting. The Orgvue model is live and regularly refreshed and LeasePlan have gained internal Orgvue expertise through training and involvement throughout the project. It’s just one of the ways we create sustainable solutions.

“I knew what we wanted to do, I knew that existing technology could not do it. The cost to serve analysis in Orgvue will be the foundation for our strategic initiatives for the next three years.”


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