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Skills and competency analysis data sheet

Learn how Orgvue helps you to adopt a strategic approach to your workforce’s skills and competencies.

Find out how Orgvue helps you to analyze the skills and competencies your workforce has today, identify the ones you need to achieve your business strategy and the gap between the two, so you can inform your people strategy and manage risk. Read the data sheet to learn more about how Orgvue helps with skills and competency analysis:

  • integrate and align your skills and competency data
  • set competency targets, what you need to achieve success
  • analyze actuals, what competencies your workforce has today
  • assess the gap between the skills you need and the ones you have
  • bring clarity to your business and set an action plan

If you’d like to learn how Orgvue can help you with skills and competency analysis or see Orgvue in action, ask to talk to someone today.