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Continuous workforce planning in an economic downturn

Download our practitioner’s guide to shorter planning cycles and faster, more confident decisions during uncertain times.

Today’s markets move too fast, change too abruptly, and contain too much endemic risk for yearly planning cycles to keep pace. Data and assumptions lag too far behind, making it almost impossible to successfully align workforce planning with business strategy.

Planners are forced to make reactive decisions they later regret because they’re unclear on the organization’s current position or the big picture longer term. They’re unable model changes in workforce demand and supply forecasts, and consequently are unable to capitalize on skills and talents that could help tackle future challenges.

So, how do you accelerate your workforce planning process in an unpredictable business environment?

In this workbook, we’ll unpack some of the practicalities of adopting continuous workforce planning and shortening your planning cycles. We’ll set out the steps to a faster, data-driven workforce planning process that will position your organization to respond quickly to uncertainty and change.

Continuous workforce planning in an economic downturn

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