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Mind the pay gap: designing a diverse workforce

Every 10% improvement in gender diversity brings a 4% increase in profits

Gender pay disparity is a universal issue that has grown in prominence, but incomplete data and patchy reporting leaves organizations in the dark about its impact. Unless you have a clear view of the conditions giving rise to a gender pay gap in your organization, you won’t be in a position to do anything about it.

Reporting on gender pay gap is now a legal requirement for many organizations but they struggle to produce accurate information in a timely way. In the UK, more than 30% of all submissions in 2019 contained errors. This was largely down to a staggering 50% of companies using manual processes involving spreadsheets.

In this ebook, we show you:

  • how to uncover the causes of a gender pay gap in your organization. We use an example that illustrates how a detailed understanding can lead to actions that create lasting change    
  • three things you could be doing now to improve the reliability of your gender pay gap reporting
  • how modeling can help you design a diverse workforce

Gender imbalance in the workplace is a business imperative that directly affects profitability. Companies owe it to themselves and their people to do more than just report on pay disparity. They should be using information to build an action plan that tackles the causes and improves workforce diversity.

To find out more, download the ebook ‘Mind the pay gap: designing a diverse workforce’