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ebook: from crisis to recovery – organizational planning in the time of coronavirus

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Not many would argue that Coronavirus is the worst crisis in living memory. In just a few months, running a business has become about survival. Responsiveness and adaptability are the new currency and planning seems fraught with difficulty in the face of lasting uncertainty.

This ebook brings together 4 articles that combine the latest thinking on emergency planning, scenario analysis and organizational preparedness to give your business the best chance of recovery. It includes a 3-step plan for business continuity to help you tackle the impact of Coronavirus and come out the other side.

In this ebook, you’ll:

  • discover how organizations can productively plan for the new normal once the worst of the crisis has passed
  • learn how organizations can pool constantly changing workforce data to inform emergency planning
  • understand the choices facing organizations to keep the business going and rebuild once the crisis subsides
  • read about how organizations can use scenario planning to better prepare for the new normal

We hope the ideas and new thinking presented in this ebook give you a different perspective on how to fortify your business against future crises and protect organizational health over the long term.

Download the ebook ‘from crisis to recovery: organizational planning in the time of coronavirus’ now.

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