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hr’s agenda in the organization of the future

The task of developing adaptable, responsive, high performing organizations has come to rest on the shoulders of HR as businesses struggle to adapt to the pandemic crisis. Read this ebook to discover the challenges facing CHROs and the opportunity these give HR to reinvent itself as a strategic powerhouse in the organization of the future.

2020 has seen the greatest socio-economic disruption in living memory. Companies have had to respond at speed to a radically different business context that has put organizational agility and resilience at the top of the business agenda.

In its latest ebook, HR’s agenda in the organization of the future, the Corporate Research Forum (CRF) presents its findings on the themes and trends affecting HR professionals today.

Download this ebook to learn about:

  • Factors shaping the new context in which HR will deliver business value in the future and how it will play a vital part in helping organizations confront the challenges to come
  • HR’s strategic contribution in improving organizational effectiveness, productivity and performance, and its critical role in supporting and delivering business transformation
  • The importance of strategic talent sourcing, workforce reskilling and new workforce models to future organizational health
  • New HR operating models designed for flexibility, agility and collaboration, and how some organizations are already reconfiguring departmental structure to separate strategic and transactional work

For the study, CRF interviewed CEOs, CHROs, academics and industry experts in the UK, US and Europe to understand their views on the questions that every business wants the answers to.

Download the ebook ‘hr’s agenda in the organization of the future ‘ now to find out more.

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