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The hybrid working blueprint

5 steps to make hybrid working work for your business strategy.

hybrid working ebook

As we ease out of the coronavirus pandemic, the way we work has changed forever.

Recent research shows that just 9% of remote workers want to work “in the office” all the time and 87% of leaders around the world expect to allow people more choice in where and how they work.

There’s no escaping the fact, the future is hybrid.

Learn how to balance employee expectations with your organization’s needs

To make hybrid working work, you must balance giving employees the freedom to work where they can be most productive with your organization’s need to pursue its business strategy.

To help, we’ve created the hybrid working blueprint. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why focusing your hybrid strategy around location is the wrong place to start
  • The main barriers to hybrid working success for large companies like yours (and how to overcome them)
  • How to build a more accurate picture of what your people actually do day-to-day
  • The right way to determine whether particular roles are remote-capable or not
  • And the five steps to make your approach work for your employees and your business strategy

Complete the form to download your copy of the printer-friendly PDF edition of the blueprint – or to go to the interactive edition to read online.

Download the printer-friendly blueprint