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How to build your organizational design muscle

Listen to this 25-minute podcast to hear how you can evolve your organizational design capability to more successfully cope with change and deliver on your business strategy.

The world of work changing faster than ever before, and businesses need to continually assess whether they’re optimally organized to deliver on their strategy. Being able to pivot and change organizational design on an ongoing basis has become a competitive advantage. Companies that can do this are able to adapt quickly, course-correct at will and are far more resilient in the face of constant change.

In this episode of the Change It podcast, Eloise Seidelin talks to our vice president of advisory services in Asia Pacific, Sebastien Berlioz. Sebastien shares his observations on how to build organizational design muscle and highlights three popular misconceptions about organizational design. He also lists the main skills practitioners will need to be successful in a world of disruption and uncertainty.

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Recorded on November 14th, 2021

The Change It podcast hosts experienced change practitioners to provide listeners with quick takeaways and tools to manage change more effectively. Eloise Seidelin consults to financial institutions, insurance, media and telco companies through to retail, aviation and heavy industry. She helps match her clients’ work opportunities with talented change directors, organizational design consultants and human-centered design specialists.

Read the book on organizational design: Data-Driven Organizational Design, 2nd Edition, by Rupert Morrison.

Organization design self assessment

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