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Solution update: Tracking and monitoring 

Whether you’re going through an M&A, rightsizing, restructuring, or any kind of workforce transformation, ensure you always track the implementation against your plan, and enable agile course corrections in a dynamic business environment. 

We’ve enhanced our tracking and monitoring solution!

At Orgvue, we understand that the journey of workforce transformation is a dynamic and ever-evolving process. It’s not just about setting a vision and sticking to a plan; it’s about continuously tracking progress, identifying opportunities, and ensuring alignment with your strategic objectives. In today’s fast-paced business environment, change is the only constant, and your organization’s ability to adapt and align with its goals is pivotal to its success. That’s where Orgvue’s enhanced tracking and monitoring capabilities come into play.

Tracking and monitoring: the lifeline of your transformation success

As organizations embark on the path of transformation, they often grapple with a multitude of questions related to their workforce and organizational design: Is my workforce transformation successful? Are we moving closer to our vision? Is there a disparity between our original organizational design plan and where we currently are? These questions are not just queries – they are the lifeline of your transformation success.

Orgvue empowers you to not only set a detailed design plan, but also helps to implement it within your core systems. This is where the magic happens. We enable you to connect data at various touchpoints with predefined targets, allowing you to spot opportunities and make real-time adjustments to your organization’s structure.

This gives you the ability to:

  • Develop a detailed organizational design plan in Orgvue
  • Help implement and track the execution of the plan within your core systems
  • Compare actual headcount and cost against the planned numbers at a specific point in time
  • Make informed decisions and course-correct by refining your organization’s structure based on any deviations, all in one unified platform

So what’s new?

  • We’ve just updated our existing Tracking and Monitoring capability. In the newest version, you’ll find:
  • More intuitive pack and visuals, making it easy for you to navigate the pack and get to the relevant reports faster, at any point in time
  • Brand new visuals that tell a story quickly, always ready to be shared with stakeholders across the business
  • Faster and improved automation when it comes to generating the reports
Compare actuals against budgets automatically calculate deviations. This can help identify when and where leaders are off plan.
Understand how the net impact of position-level changes might be affecting the overall cost of the organization month by month.

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Tracking and monitoring

Keep an immediate, clear and actionable line of sight on your progress and connect it to your business objectives.