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Transformation with purpose: data-led reorganization and the what-if mindset

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Getting business transformation right has never mattered more

Join us for this exclusive 45-minute virtual event with special guests: Josh Bersin, Author & Industry Analyst, Shawn Zimmerman, VP HR Pharmaceutical at Cardinal Health and Rupert Morrison, CEO at Orgvue as they debate how organizations should best approach transformation.

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Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
Global Industry Analyst and Founder of Josh Bersin Academy
Shawn Zimmerman
Shawn Zimmerman
VP HR Pharmaceutical Specialty at Cardinal Health
Rupert Morrison
Rupert Morrison
CEO at Orgvue and author of ‘Data Driven Organization Design’​

Our environment is becoming more complex and leaders are facing increasing amounts of uncertainty on how to tackle this. Organizational change is commonly associated with high costs, extended time-frames, painful processes and high stress levels for all involved. For many businesses, change projects can feel like a never-ending cycle. 

At its most simplistic level, organizational change might be described as shaping an organization’s capability (skills) and capacity (resources) in response to strategic objectives – but, in reality, it is so much more. It involves an increasing number of complexities and challenges that need to be overcome and decisions that need to be made – often at speed.

An organization’s ability to exhibit agility in terms of pivoting, reallocating resources and understanding the investment versus cost equation is critical to playing and winning in today’s market.

Shawn Zimmerman, VP HR Pharmaceutical at Cardinal Health

How will this affect you? See what the experts predict.

Topics discussed:

  • How organizations are getting it wrong and how can they rethink their approach to restructuring and change?
  • How can organizations balance the human side of change with the business demands for greater efficiency, revenue and profit?
  • How can organizations can go about building resilience to enable them to better navigate future uncertainty?
  • What role does data play in enabling more proactive and effective organizational change?

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